RAE 2020

Hong Kong’s University Grants Council has announced the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2020 results on 24 May 2021. CUHK LAW is overall leading in Hong Kong in the law domain with 83% of its research activity being rated as 4* (“world leading”) and 3* (“internationally excellent”). We are particularly proud that the Law Panel has awarded the highest ratings to our research outputs (combining 4* and 3* publications).



Keynotes/Distinguished Lectures

  • Rehan Abeyratne, ‘Judicial Independence and Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments’ in South Asia in Courts and Democracies Workshop organized by Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (2019-07).
  • Rehan Abeyratne, ‘Constitutional Revolution: A Critical Perspective’ in Global Summit organized by International Forum on the Future of Constitutionalism, United States of America (2021-01).
  • Anatole Boute, Book presentation in Energy Security along the New Silk Road organized by University of Oxford, United Kingdom (2019).
  • Anatole Boute, ‘Energy Geopolitics and Law along the New Silk Road’ in Faculty Online Seminar organized by CUHK LAW, Hong Kong (2020-05).
  • Surabhi Chopra, ‘Judging the Troops: Exceptional Security Measures and Judicial Impact in India’ in Transnational Law Institute Seminar organized by Transnational Law Institute, King’s College, London, United Kingdom (2019-07).
  • Surabhi Chopra, ‘National security laws in India and Hong Kong’ in Anti-Terror Legislation in the Asia Pacific and Its Implications to Civil Societies and refugees organized by Philippines National Human Rights Commission and Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (2020-11).
  • Fernando Dias Simoes, ‘Politics and the Investment Court System: Lessons from the WTO Appellate Body’ in Asia WTO Research Network (AWRN) Yearly Retreat 2019 organized by Asia WTO Research Network (AWRN), Japan (2019-07).
  • Fernando Dias Simoes, ‘Taking dispute settlement seriously: The future of the Appellate Body’ in Seminar on WTO Reform organized by Asia WTO Research Network (AWRN), Institute for Future Initiatives (University of Tokyo), Japan (2019-07).
  • Fernando Dias Simoes, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever: The (Im)permanence of the Appellate Body’ in Workshop ‘Paradise Lost or Found? The Post-WTO International ‘Legal’ Order’’ organized by Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Boston, United States of America (2019-07).
  • Fernando Dias Simoes, ‘Academics, biases and conflicts of interest’ in Colloquium ‘Actors in International Investment Law: Beyond Claimants, Respondents and Arbitrators organized by University Paris II Panthéon-Assas, France (2019-09).
  • Fernando Dias Simoes, ‘Legal Representation in Investment Disputes along the Belt and Road’ in Conference ‘Multilateral Reform of Investor-State Dispute Resolution: A Dialogue among Different Approaches’ organized by Silk Road Institute for International and Comparative Law (SRIICL), the Collaborative Innovation Centre for Silk Road Economic Belt Legal and Policy Studies at Xiʼan Jiaotong University, and the China International Investment Arbitration Forum (CIIAF), China (2019-09).
  • Fernando Dias Simoes, ‘International Arbitration in Asia’ in YAR 2.0 – International Arbitration Conference organized by YAR – Young Arbitration Review, Portugal (2019-10).
  • Fernando Dias Simoes, ‘The Principle of Good Faith in a Comparative Perspective’ organized by Faculty of Law of the University of Minho, Portugal (2019-10).
  • Fernando Dias Simoes, ‘International Arbitration and Public-Private Partnerships’ organized by Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China (2019-11).
  • Fernando Dias Simoes, ‘Renewable Energy and Regulatory (In)stability’ organized by Melbourne Law School, Australia (2019- 12).
  • Gregory Gordon, ‘Individual Criminal Responsibility under Domestic and International Law: A Case Study’ in Northeast Asia Training Course for University Lecturers on International Humanitarian Law organized by International Committee for the Red Cross, Korea (2019-08).
  • Gregory Gordon, ‘The Hong Kong Crisis and International Law’ in Stockholm Centre for International Law and Justice Lecture Series organized by University of Stockholm, Sweden (2019-10).
  • Gregory Gordon, ‘Colonial Wrongs, Memory and Speech Along the Atrocity Spectrum’ in Colonial Wrongs, Double Standards, and Access to International Law organized by Institute for International Peace and Security Law, Burma (2019-11).
  • Gregory Gordon, ‘Can Lawyers Conduct Historical Research? A Methodological Analysis’ in PhD School in Research Methodologies in Human Rights organized by The European University Institute, Italy (2019-12).
  • Gregory Gordon, ‘Atrocity Speech in Myanmar’ in Yale Symposium on Myanmar organized by MacMillan Center, Yale University, United States of America (2020-03).
  • Hui Huang, ‘Legal Enforcement Strategies for Securities Law’ organized by Shanghai Financial Court, China (2019-09).
  • Hui Huang, ‘The Legal Basis and Operational Models of Asset Management: the US experiences and Implications for China’ organized by People’s Bank of China (PBOC), China (2019-10).
  • Jae Woon Lee, ‘Trend of Joint Venture Airlines in Asia’ in Aviation Industry Outlook Seminar organized by Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Korea (2019-07).
  • Jae Woon Lee, ‘The Development of Hong Kong’s Aviation Law after WWII’ in Greater China Legal History Seminar Series 2019-2020 organized by CUHK LAW, Hong Kong (2020-05).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘The IP Conundrum in the US-China Trade War’ in International Vision Series Speech organized by Taipei Bar Association, Taiwan (2019-07).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘The IP Conundrum in the US-China Trade War’ in IIAS Academic Seminar organized by Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica (IIAS), Taiwan (2019-07).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘IP Trade War’ in City University of Hong Kong School of Law Staff Seminar organized by City University of Hong Kong School of Law, Hong Kong (2019-10).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘Intellectual Property Rights Issues in AI and Big Data’ in Business of Intellectual Property (“BIP”) Asia Forum organized by The Government of Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (“HKTDC”), Hong Kong (2019-12).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘Trade War of IP’ in 5thAsian IP Works-in-Progress Conference organized by Singapore Management University School of Law & City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (2020-01).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘Cybersecurity and Data Localization’ in Empowering Transformation: Connectivity and Cross-Border Data Flow organized by The In-House Law Academy, Hong Kong (2020-06).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘Machine Creativity: Rethinking Authorship in AI-Generated Works’ in Law Research Seminar organized by Macquarie Law School, Australia (2020-08).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘How is Artificial Intelligence Redefining the Way We Think about IP Ownership?’ in China Conference Hong Kong 2021 organized by South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, Online (2021-06).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘New Chicago School and Code-Is-Law Theory’ in Tsinghua IP Lecture Series organized by Tsinghua University School of Law, China (2021-05).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘Copyright and AI-Generated Works under UK and Hong Kong Laws’ in Tsinghua IP Lecture Series organized by Tsinghua University School of Law, China (2021-05).
  • Jyh-An Lee, ‘Legal and Ethical Implications of AI Bias’ in Tsinghua IP Lecture Series organized by Tsinghua University School of Law, China (2021-05 to 2021-06).
  • Chin Leng Lim, ‘Sustainability and Inclusiveness’ organized by MATRADE, Government of Malaysia, Malaysia (2019-10).
  • Chin Leng Lim, ‘Some Far Eastern Perspectives on Investment Arbitration, and Options for Structural Reform’ organized by United Nations and AAIL, Austria (2020-01).
  • Chin Leng Lim, ‘International Tribunals in Interesting Times: A Fireside Chat with Elias and Lim’ organized by University College London, United Kingdom (2020-01).
  • Benoit Mayer, ‘The international law on climate change: The sources and their interactions’ organized by National University of Singapore, Asia- Pacific Center for Environmental Law, Singapore (2019-11).
  • Benoit Mayer, ‘International and EU law on climate change: an overview’ in Guest Lecture organized by Macau University, Macau (2019-12).
  • Bryan Mercurio, ‘Towards a Patent System that fits Hong Kong’ in Intellectual Property Law and Access to Affordable Medicines: A Primer organized by Health in Action, Hong Kong (2019-11).
  • Bryan Mercurio, ‘Pharmaceutical Patents and Policy in Hong Kong’ in Intellectual Property Law and Access to Affordable Medicines: A Primer organized by Health in Action, Hong Kong (2019-11).
  • Bryan Mercurio, ‘Digital Trade Policy: Governance of Cross-Border Data Flows’ in Lunchtime Seminar organized by Institute of International Trade, University of Adelaide, Australia (2020-03).
  • Bryan Mercurio, ‘The Nexus between Intellectual Property and Trade’ in Distinguished Seminar Series organized by Fulbright University, Vietnam (2020-05).
  • Bryan Mercurio, ‘Re-thinking Intellectual Property Rights in Trade Agreements (in a post COVID world)’ in National E-Conference on Intellectual Property Rights: Breaking Conventionalities and Future Prospects organized by ICFAI Law School, India, Online (2021-04).
  • Michelle Miao, ‘Drug Crime in Asia’ in International Workshop Death Penalty in Asia: Reform Issues in Comparative Perspectives organized by The Rights Practice, Asian Governance Foundation (AGF) and German- Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG), Thailand (2019-10 to 2019-11).
  • Michelle Miao, ‘Sentencing in China’ in International Workshop Death Penalty in Asia: Reform Issues in Comparative Perspectives organized by The Rights Practice, Asian Governance Foundation (AGF) and German- Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG), Thailand (2019-10 to 2019-11).
  • Michelle Miao, ‘Relational Justice: Reconciling Murder in China’ in Yenching Scholar Forum organized by Harvard Yenching Institute, United States of America (2019-12).
  • Ryan Mitchell, ‘Historical Origins of the Common Law’ in Invited Lecture at Beijing Forestry University organized by Beijing Forestry University, China (2019-07).
  • Ryan Mitchell, ‘Myanmar and the Hegemonic Discourse of International Criminal Law’ in Colonial Wrongs, Double Standards, and Access to International Law organized by Centre for International Law Research and Policy (CILRAP), Burma (2019-11).
  • Ryan Mitchell, ‘China’s Engagement with Public International Law in its Historical Context’ in Greater China Legal History Seminar organized by CUHK LAW, Hong Kong (2019-11).
  • Ryan Mitchell, ‘A Chinese Alternative to Sovereignty?: Revisiting the Qing Concept of ‘Stateliness’’ in Julius Stone Institute Seminar organized by Julius Stone Institute of Jurisprudence, University of Sydney, Australia, Online (2021-04).
  • Dicky Tsang, ‘An Empirical Review of China’s New Choice-of-Law Regime: In Search of Clear Guidelines?’ in Hamburg Lecture Series on Chinese Law organized by Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Germany (2019-09).
  • Lutz-Christian Wolff, ‘Comparing Chinese Law: Will AI Soon Take Over?’ in Conference on Big Data and Chinese Courts organized by Instituted of East Asian Studies, University of Cologne, Germany (2019-07).
  • James Zeng, ‘《交易所监管对反收购条款的影响 Exchange Regulation on Takeover Defense》’ in 《金融行规与中国金融法治现代化 Industrial Practice and the Modernization of the Rule of Law in the Financial Industry in China》organized by Sun Yat-sen University School of Law, China (2019-12).

Conference Presentations/Seminar Papers


Research Grants Council (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)

Research Impact Fund

Prof. Surabhi CHOPRA
Immigration Detention and Vulnerable Migrants in Hong Kong: Evaluating the System, Facilitating Reform (HK$2,998,800)
General Research Fund
Prof. Robin HUANG
The Regulation of Fintech in China (HK$539,852)
Prof. Jae Woon LEE
State Ownership of Airlines: Legal and Policy Implications for International Aviation Hubs in Asia (HK$523,485)
Prof. Benoît MAYER
Environmental Impact Assessments as a Tool for Climate Change Mitigation: Global Comparative Perspectives (HK$338,872)

Prof. Noam NOKED
Mandatory Disclosure Rules: Development, Policy Analysis, and Implications for Financial Centers (HK$475,000)

Early Career Scheme

Prof. Ngọc Sơn BÙI
Order by Design: China in Comparative Constitution-Making (HK$390,400)  

The Development and Influence of Chinese Theories of Sovereignty (HK$ 592,000)

Prof. Christopher ROBERTS
The Exportation and Evolution of Vagrancy Laws in the Nineteenth Century British Empire: From the Caribbean to Hong Kong (HK$408,100 with an additional amount HK$50,000 for undertaking educational activities)

Prof. Jingyi WANG
Taxation of the Digitalised Economy in China: Challenges and Proposals (HK$424,000)

Prof. James ZENG
Soft Regulation and Corporate Governance in China (HK$ 366,656)

Prof. Hao ZHANG
Legal and Regulatory Pathway of Renewable Energy Integration in China: Comparative and Empirical Perspectives (HK$397,410)

Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme

Prof. Bryan MERCURIO
Reshaping Global Trade: The Impact and Effects of the US-China Trade War (HK$412,100)

Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme

Prof. Normann WITZLEB
Strengthening Data Accountability in the Platform Economy – towards Greater International Convergence of Privacy Protections for Children? (HK$44,800)      

Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)

Public Policy Research Funding Scheme

Prof. Robin HUANG
Improving the Effectiveness of Cross-boundary Securities Law Enforcement Between Hong Kong and Mainland China
Prof. Bryan MERCURIO
Regulating Cross-border Data: A Public Policy Framework for Hong Kong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Manchester

CUHK-University of Manchester Research Fund

Prof. Jyh-An LEE
Digital Platform Governance: Security, Scalability and Sustainability
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Direct Grant for Research

Constitutional Carve-Outs for Cities: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Colombo
Prof. Kevin CHENG
Testing the Drug Tariffs: A Closer Inspection of Sentencing Guidelines for Trafficking in Dangerous Drugs in Hong Kong and England
Prof. Surabhi CHOPRA
Fortress Asia: Comparing Legal Regulation of Refugees and Forced Migrants in South and South-east Asia
Prof. Gregory GORDON
Creation of New Research Databases for Benjamin Ferencz Monograph Project
Prof. Eliza MIK
Testing the Limits of Machine Learning Approaches in the Automation of Legal Tasks: From Legal Prediction and Reasoning to Document Management and Generation
Prof. Michael RAMSDEN
Negotiating Peace and Justice Solutions in the Shadow of Law: Evaluating the Influence of the International Court of Justice’s Interim Remedies on Conflict-Resolution Diplomacy in the United Nations System
Prof. Christopher ROBERTS
The Development of Emergency Powers in the British Empire During the First World War and the Post-War Period
Prof. Dicky TSANG
From Coronation to Coronavirus: Force Majeure and Private International Law
Prof. Chao XI
Shareholder Voting During a Crisis
Prof. Hao ZHANG
Developing Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Projects in China: Regulatory Challenges and Lessons from Other Jurisdictions

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Awarding Body Award/Prize Type Awardee
Journal of Environmental Law, Oxford University Press Richard Macrory Prize for Best Article 2021 Prof. Anatole BOUTE
American Society of Comparative Law Hessel Yntema Award 2020
Prof. Michelle MIAO
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) DAAD Short-Term Research Grant 2021 Mr. Sumit SONKAR
(Doctor of Philosophy in Laws student)
Eurasia-Pacific Uninet Eurasia-Pacific Uninet Ernst Mach Grant for PhD Students (2020-2021) Mr. Sumit SONKAR
(Doctor of Philosophy in Laws student)
Global Competition Review (GCR) 2020 GCR Academic Excellence Award Prof. Sandra MARCO COLINO
Harvard – Yenching Institute, Harvard University Harvard – Yenching Visiting Scholars Programme Prof. Michelle MIAO
Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law Max Planck Luxembourg PhD Scholarships 2022 Ms. Xueji SU
(Doctor of Philosophy in Laws student)
Max Planck Luxembourg PhD Scholarships 2021 Mr. Can EKEN
(Doctor of Philosophy in Laws student)
Research Grants Council of Hong Kong Fulbright-RGC Hong Kong Research Scholar Awards Ms. Becky Po Yee LEUNG
(Doctor of Philosophy in Laws student)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Award for Academic Impact in Legal Scholarship 2021 Prof. Michelle MIAO
Award for High-Impact in Legal Scholarship 2020 Prof. Sandra MARCO COLINO
Postgraduate Research Output Award 2020 Mr. Jamieson Michael KIRKWOOD
(Doctor of Philosophy in Laws student)
Postgraduate Research Output Award 2019 Dr. Chao WANG
(Doctor of Philosophy in Laws graduate)
Research Excellence Award 2020 Prof. Rehan ABEYRATNE
Prof. Anatole BOUTE
Research Excellence Award 2019 Prof. Robin HUANG
Prof. Dicky TSANG
Young Researcher Award 2020 Prof. Noam NOKED
Young Researcher Award 2019 Prof. Jyh-An LEE
Young Scholars Thesis Awards 2020 Dr. Kehinde Folake OLAOYE
(Doctor of Philosophy in Laws graduate)
Young Scholars Thesis Awards 2019 Dr. Siyi LIN
(Doctor of Philosophy in Laws graduate)

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