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Bryan Mercurio is the Simon F.S. Li Professor of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), having served as Associate Dean (Research) from 2010-14 and again from 2017-19. Professor Mercurio specialises in international economic law (IEL), with particular expertise in the intersection between trade law and intellectual property rights, free trade agreements, trade in services, dispute settlement and increasingly international investment law.

Professor Mercurio is co-author of one of the most widely used textbooks on WTO law (Hart Publishing, 2018, 3rd ed) and co-editor of the leading collection on bilateral and regional trade agreements (Cambridge University Press, 2nd ed, 2016). His most recent monograph explores the international and domestic framework for pharmaceutical patent law and policy (Cambridge University Press, 2018). His next monograph focuses on the legality of capital controls under the various strands of IEL (Cambridge University Press, 2021/22). Professor Mercurio currently holds three competitive grants, namely a grant from the Hong Kong General Research Fund entitled ‘When Regimes Clash on Capital Controls: Managing the Conflicting Norms and Standards of the IMF, WTO and International Investment Agreements’, a grant from the Hong Kong Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office Public Policy Research Funding Scheme entitled, ‘Regulating Cross-Border Data: A Public Policy Framework for Hong Kong’ and a grant from the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme entitled ‘Reshaping Global Trade: The Impact and Effects of the US-China Trade War’.

He is also an active participant in a number of associations and networks, including the European Commission funded Jean Monnet Network inTrade and Investment in Services Associates (TIISA) and the ISDS Academic Forum. He was a member of the founding committee and served on the inaugural Executive Board of the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL), a founding member of the SIEL Intellectual Property Law Network, a founding member of the Asian International Economic Law Network and is a Member for Hong Kong in the Asian WTO Research Network. In 2010 he authored the case for the ELSA WTO Moot Court Competition and from 2013-2016 served as a member of the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development/World Economic Forum E15 Expert Working Group on Trade and Innovation.

Prior to relocating to Hong Kong, Professor Mercurio taught in the faculty of law at the University of New South Wales. He has held visiting positions at several institutions in Asia, Europe and North America and is currently a Senior Fellow at the Melbourne Law School. Prior to academia, Professor Mercurio worked both in government and private practice. He remains a frequent consultant and advisor to governments, industry associations and law firms on a wide range of trade and investment matters and has extensive experience in negotiating free trade agreements and in assisting governments with the technical aspects of drafting services schedules for market access commitments and reservations.


  • PhD, awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence, Macquarie University
  • LLM in International Law (Distinction), University of New South Wales
  • JD (Hons) Case Western Reserve University, School of Law
  • BA (Politics & Government) (Hons) Ohio Wesleyan University
    • Admitted to the State Bar of California
    • Admitted to the District of Columbia Bar Association


  • International trade law
  • International economic law
  • International investment law
  • Intellectual property
  • Law and Development


Publications since 2015


  • ASEAN Law in the New Regional Economic Order: Global Trends and Shifting Paradigms (Cambridge University Press, 2019) (edited with Pasha Hsieh)
  • Drugs, Patents and Policy: A Contextual Study of Hong Kong (Cambridge University Press, 2018)
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  • Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements: Case Studies (2nd ed, Cambridge University Press, 2016) (edited with Simon Lester and Lorand Bartels)
  • International Economic Law after the Global Crisis: A Tale of Fragmented Disciplines (Cambridge University Press, 2015) (edited with CL Lim)

Journal Articles

  • ‘The Legitimacy of Controlling Capital Flows Under International Economic Law During a Retreat from Globalization’ International and Comparative Law Quarterly (forthcoming 2021, with Ross Buckley and Erin Fu Jiangyuan)
  • ‘Challenging Coerced Conformity in Pharmaceutical Patent Law: Promoting a Holistic Review’ (2020) 51 IIC – International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 330-340
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  • “Foreign Direct Investment in the Pharmaceutical Industry – What are the Key Determinants? A Case Study of Singapore and Hong Kong” (2015) 10(2) Asian Journal of Comparative Law 235-57 (with Daria Kim)

Book Chapters

  • ‘Compulsory licensing for environmental purposes’ in Panagiotis Delimatsis and Leonie Reins (ed) Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law (Edward Elgar, expected 2021)
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Representative Publications, 2004-2014

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