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Sandra Marco Colino specialises in competition law, merger control, alternative dispute resolution, tort, contract law, commercial law, business law, economic law and technology law. She joined the Faculty in 2010 and is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED). In July 2015, Prof. Marco Colino was appointed Non-Governmental Advisor (NGA) to the International Competition Network, and in September 2016 she joined the Academic Board of the law firm Dictum Abogados (Hong Kong office). She has been the director of the Summer Schools on EU Competition Law for Asian Officials at the College of Europe in Bruges since 2017. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, she was a Lecturer at the University of Glasgow (UK).

Prof. Marco Colino holds a PhD from the European University Institute in Florence (Italy) and an LLM from the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (Spain).
A qualified lawyer in Spain and a member of the Madrid Bar, she has worked as stagiaire at the European Commission (Belgium). She has been a Visiting Scholar at UW-Madison (USA), UC Berkeley (USA), the University of Melbourne (Australia) and the University of Birmingham (UK). She is a member of the Academic Society for Competition Law (ASCOLA), a Fellow of the Transatlantic Technology Law Forum of Stanford University (USA), and an Associate Researcher at the Institute for European Studies in Madrid. In 2010 she founded the Communications Policy and Regulation Scholars Forum (CPRSF). She is the Managing Editor of the China Antitrust Law Journal, the Hong Kong news correspondent to the European Competition Law Review, and an analyst for Agenda Pública.

Her award-winning research has been extensively published in leading peer-reviewed journals. She is also the author of various books, including the leading textbook Competition Law of the EU and UK (Oxford University Press), now in its 8th edition, and the monograph Vertical Agreements and Competition Law (Hart). She is the Principal Investigator of three major research projects funded by Hong Kong’s Research Grants Council, and a member of two EU-funded Jean Monnet research networks: European Union at the Crossroads of Legal Order (EUCROSS) and the EU-China Comparative Experiences and Contributions in the Fields of Climate Change, Trade and Competition. She was the Faculty’s representative in the project ‘European Union Academic Programme in Hong Kong’, a collaboration between four of the city’s leading universities co-funded by the European Union.

Prof. Marco Colino’s honours and recognitions include an Antitrust Writing Award (2018) for her co-authored paper ‘The Lundbeck Case and the Concept of Potential Competition’ (Concurrences Review), an award for best paper and presentation from Georgetown University’s Center for German and European Studies (2014), and a Teaching Excellence Award (2017). In 2020, she was nominated for the Global Competition Review Academic Excellence Award.



  • PhD (European University Institute, Florence)
  • LL.M. (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid)
  • Degree in Law (Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid)
  • Qualified lawyer (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (University of Glasgow)


  • Nominee, Academic Excellence Award (Global Competition Review), 2020 (pending outcome)
  • Winner, Antitrust Writing Awards (Institute of Competition Law), 2018
  • Winner, Teaching Excellence Award (CUHK), 2017
  • First runner-up, Antitrust Writing Awards (Institute of Competition Law), 2017
  • Nominee, Teaching Excellence Award (CUHK), 2016
  • Winner, GCES Award for Best Paper and Presentation (Georgetown University, Washington DC), 2004
  • Award for Academic Excellence (Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid), 1995


  • Member of the Academic Board, Dictum Abogados
  • Director, Summer Schools on EU Competition Law for Asian Officials, College of Europe, Bruges
  • Non-Governmental Advisor (NGA), International Competition Network (ICN)
  • Deputy Director, Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED)
  • Co-Managing Editor, China Antitrust Law Journal
  • Member, East Asia Network on Competition Policy and Law (EANCP)
  • Member, Academic Steering Committee, Antitrust Writing Awards
  • Member, Academic Society for Competition Law (ASCOLA)
  • Founder and Director, Communications Policy and Regulation Scholars Forum (CPRSF)
  • News correspondent (Hong Kong), European Competition Law Review
  • Analyst, Agenda Pública
  • Guest Professor, Instituto de Estudios Bursatiles, Madrid


  • Director, Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (2014-2017)
  • Deputy Director, European Union Academic Programme Hong Kong (2013-2016)
  • Lecturer in EU and Competition Law, University of Glasgow (2005-2010)
  • Section Editor (Asia-Pacific Region), Journal of Contemporary European Research (2010-2013)
  • Assistant Editor, International Journal of Communications Law and Policy (2009-2011)
  • Tutor (Contract, Delict and Evidence), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (2009-2010)


  • Competition Law
  • Merger Control
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Tort
  • Contract Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Business Law
  • Economic Law
  • Technology Law


Prof. Marco Colino is currently co-supervising the following theses:

  • OSASU, Osamede, Liberalization of the Nigerian Electricity Industry: The Difficult Transition from Monopoly to Market (expected 2021)
  • SU, Xueji, The Legal Framework of China-EU Economic Relations: A Normative Analysis in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s Evolving Economic Diplomacy (expected 2021)
  • HAO, Junqi (on exchange from China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing)

Previously, Prof. Marco Colino has co-supervised the following successful Ph.D. theses:

  • YIN, Bei, The Regulation of Cross‐Border M&As: a Perspective from the Goals of Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China (awarded a Ph.D. in 2016)
  • JEDLICKOVA, Barbora, The Law of Vertical Territorial and Price Restraints in the EU and in the USA: a Critical Analysis of Vertical Territorial and Price Restraints – an Argument against Legalization (awarded a Ph.D. in 2012)



  • Marco Colino, S., The Limits of Financial Punishment in Competition Law, Edward Elgar (forthcoming 2021)
  • Marco Colino, S., Vertical Agreements and Competition Law: A Comparative Study (2nd edition), Hart (forthcoming 2021)
  • Marco Colino, S. (ed), Competition in Telecommunications Markets: Key Regulatory Challenges, Wolters Kluwer (December 2020)
  • Marco Colino, S., Competition Law of the EU and the UK (8th edition), Oxford University Press (June 2019)
  • Cheng, T., Marco Colino, S. and Ong, B (eds)., Cartels in Asia: Law and Practice, Wolters Kluwer (May 2015)
  • Galloway, J., Greaves, R. and Marco Colino, S., Competition Law (3 Volume Set), Ashgate (December 2012)
  • Marco Colino, S., Competition Law of the EU and the UK (7th edition), Oxford University Press (May 2011)
  • Marco Colino, S., Vertical Agreements and Competition Law: A Comparative Study of the EU and US Regimes. Hart (January 2010)


  • Marco Colino, S., ‘The Antitrust F Word: Fairness Considerations in Competition Law’ (2019) Journal of Business Law
  • Marco Colino, S., ‘Revisiting the Interaction between Regulation and Competition Law in Network Industries’ 39 European Competition Law Review (2018)
  • Marco Colino, S., ‘A History of Competition: The Impact of Antitrust on Hong Kong’s Telecommunications Markets’, 29 Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal (2019)
  • Marco Colino, S., Dunne, N., Fournier, K., Pais, S.O. and Ritzmann, D. ‘The Lundbeck Case and the Concept of Potential Competition’ (2017) oncurrences Review 2-2017
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘All Eyes on Intel: A Stepping Stone to a Fresh Legal Framework for the Analysis of Rebates Under EU Competition Law’ (2017) Concurrences Review 1-2017
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘The Perks of Being a Whistleblower: Designing Efficient Leniency Programs in New Antitrust Jurisdictions’ (2017) Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, Vol. 50
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘Distribution Agreements under the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law and the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance’ (2017) China Antitrust Law Journal, Vol 1 (1)
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘What Role for EU Competition Law in Regulated Industries? Reflections on the Orange Polska Case’ (2016) Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, Vol. 9 (13)
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘Sanctions for Cartel Conduct in Hong Kong: Past and Present’ (2015) Competition Policy International, Vol. 9 No. 2
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘Recent Changes in the Regulation of Motor Vehicle Distribution in Europe – Questioning the Logic of Sector-Specific Rules for the Car Industry’ (2010) Competition Law Review, vol. 6 no. 2, pp. 203-224
  • Doris, M. J. and Marco Colino, S., ‘Taking Solace in Self-Exclusion? Problem Gambling, a Duty of Care and the Impact on EC Private Law’ (2009) European Review of Private Law, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 387-395
  • Doris, M. J. and Marco Colino, S., ‘Online Gambling – Reconciling New Technology and the International Consumer Interest’ (2007) in Law and Technology, Acta Press.
  • Marco Colino, S., ‘On the Road to Perdition? The Future of the European Car Industry and Its Implications for EC Competition Law’ (2007) Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business, vol. 28, no. 1, November, pp. 35-88
  • Marco Colino, S., ‘Towards Greater Flexibility or Deadlock? The Progress of European Integration since the Introduction of Enhanced Cooperation’ (2004) Paper 24/4, The Federal Trust

Chapters in edited collections

  • Marco Colino, S., Hong Kong’s Leniency Policy and Its Potential to Uncover Cartels, in van Uytsel, S. and Fenwick, M. (eds), Leniency Policies in Asia, Cambridge University Press (September 2019)
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘There’s Something About Telecoms: The Application of Competition Law to the Hong Kong Telecommunications Sector’, in Marco Colino, S. (ed), Competition in Telecommunications Markets: Key Regulatory Challenges, Wolters Kluwer (December 2018)
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘Brexit, Post-Truth Politics and the Triumph of a Messy Vision of Democracy over Technocracy’, in Joerges, C. (ed), Brexit and Academic Citizenship, European University Institute and IHELG Monograph No. 17-07 (November 2016)
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘Punishing Cartel Behaviour: Means to Encourage Compliance with the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance’ in Cartels in Asia: Law and Practice, Wolters Kluwer (2015)
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘El Valor Disuasorio de las Sanciones Impuestas a los Carteles en el Derecho Español de la Competencia’, in La Lucha Contra los Carteles en España, Thomson Reuters – Aranzadi (2015)
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘The Role of the ECJ in Re-Defining the Relationship between EU Competition Law Enforcement Provisions and the European Convention of Human Rights’, in Recent Trends in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Wolters Kluwer (2012)
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘Reforming the Reform: the New Rules for Vertical Agreements in the EU’, in Beneyto, J. M. and Bellis, J. F. (eds) Reviewing Vertical Restraints in Europe: Reform, Key Issues and National Enforcement, Bruylant, Brussels (2012)
  • Marco Colino, S., ‘Los Retos de Derecho Comunitario de la Competencia ante el Rocoso Futuro de la Industria Automovilistica Europea’, in Ortiz Blanco, L. and Leskinen, C. (eds), Derecho de la Competencia Europeo y Español, vol. XI (2009)
  • Marco Colino, S., ‘The Impact of Agriculture on the Success of the Eastern Enlargement of the EU’ in Ott, A. and Inglis, K. (eds) The Constitution for Europe and an Enlarging Union: Unity in Diversity? Europa Law Publishing (2005)

Book Reviews

  • Marco Colino, S. ‘EU Distribution Law’ by J Goyder, European Law Review (2012)
  • Marco Colino, S. ‘The Institutional Structure of Antitrust Enforcement’ by DA Crane, Antitrust Law and Policy Blog (2011)

Other Contributions


  • ‘Improving Cartel Detection and Deterrence in Hong Kong and China’ (Principal Investigator), General Research Fund, Research Grants Council (2019/22),  HKD 397,500
  • ‘Improving Cartel Detection and Deterrence’ (Principal Investigator), Direct Grant, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2018/19), HKD 56,760
  • ‘Enhancing Competition and Innovation in Hong Kong’s Telecommunications Industry’ (Principal Investigator), Public Policy Research Scheme, Research Grants Council (2012/16),  HKD 379,000
  • ‘Challenges for the Regulation of Communications in the 21st Century in France and Hong Kong’ (Principal Investigator), PROCORE – France / Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme, Research Grants Council (2011/12), quantity: HKD 106,600
  • ‘Emerging Challenges for the Regulation of Communications in the 21st Century’ (Principal Investigator), CUHK Direct Grant (2011/12), quantity: HKD 37,000
  • ‘Challenges in the Fight Against Cartels: Enhanced Efficiency, Best Practices and the Way Forward’ (Co-Investigator), Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (2016-19), quantity: EUR 25,000
  • ‘European Union Academic Programme in Hong Kong’ (Deputy Director and Co-Investigator), European Commission (2012/2016), quantity: EUR 950,000
  • ‘The Fight Against Hardcore Cartels in Spain’ (Co-Investigator), Spanish Ministry of Science and Education (2012/15), quantity: EUR 24,000
  • ‘Socio-legal Perspectives on the ‘Glocalised’ Gambling Industry’, Workshop Grant, Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law (2011)
  • ‘First Interdisciplinary Workshop on Communications Policy and Regulation’, Adam Smith Research Foundation Seedcorn Fund, University of Glasgow (2009/10), quantity: GBP 1,303
  • ‘International Conference on Competition Law’ at the University of Chongqing, British Universities’ China Committee grant (2008), quantity: GBP 737
  • Salvador de Madariaga grant for comparative research, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2004)