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Room 635
Faculty of Law
6/F, Lee Shau Kee Building
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sha Tin, NT, Hong Kong SAR

Dr. Jae Woon Lee is an Associate Professor, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and LLB Programme Director within the Faculty of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has been working, teaching and researching in the field of aviation law and policy since 2004, and is a renowned aviation law expert. His main research and teaching interests are aviation law and competition law.

Prof. Lee has published on various aviation legal issues in both major air law journals and other leading journals of trade law, company law, competition law, and public international law, including Journal of International Economic Law, Journal of World Trade, European Business Organization Law Review, Journal of Antitrust Enforcement and Brooklyn Journal of International Law. He has also published top-notch aviation journals such as Journal of Air Transport Management and Transport Policy. Prof. Lee serves on the editorial board of the Annals of Air and Space Law. He has received funding from the General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grants Council for his research on state ownership of airlines (2022-2024).

Prof. Lee has served as a consultant/expert to government and international agencies, including the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, International Air Transport Association, and the Hong Kong Competition Commission. He frequently presents at academic and aviation industry conferences and regularly comments in the media.


  • PhD (National University of Singapore)
  • LLM (McGill University, Institute of Air and Space Law)
  • Master of Air Transport (Korea Aerospace University)
  • LLB (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)


  • Aviation Law
  • Aviation Policy
  • Competition Law
  • Public International Law



Journal Articles

  • “Growing Stakeholderism in the Airline Industry after the COVID-19 Pandemic” co-authored with Seungyoung Yoon, Journal of Air Transport Management (2024) (forthcoming)
  • “The Air Passenger Protection Regime in Hong Kong: A Plea for a Coordinated Approach” with Victor S. Chan, Vol 48, Annals of Air and Space Law (2023)
  • Competition Law Enforcement vs. the Policy Goal of an International Aviation Hub: Case Studies in East Asia” Vol 48 Issue 3, Air & Space Law (2023)
  • The Effects of Bankruptcy on Airline Yield and Frequency: The case of the duopolistic domestic market in Japan” co-authored with KT Ng, X Fu, K Yamaguchi, C Zhu, Transport Policy (2023)
  • Enforceability of Excessive Pricing Rules under Hong Kong Competition Law” co-authored with Yiu Yeung Tong, Vol 52 Part 3, Hong Kong Law Journal (2022)
  • The Korea Fair Trade Commission’s Conditional Approval of the Korean Air-Asiana Merger” co-authored with Sabin Chung, Vol 43 Issue 8, European Competition Law Review (2022)
  • Government Bailouts of Airlines in the COVID-19 Crisis: Improving Transparency in International Air Transport” Vol 24 Issue 4, Journal of International Economic Law (2021)
  • Saving Competition in Hong Kong’s Aviation Market” Vol 46 Issue 3, Air & Space Law (2021)
  • Enforcing China’s Anti-Monopoly Law in Regulated Industries: A Study of the Airline Industry” co-authored with Cai Jingmeng, Vol 9 Issue 3, Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (2021)
  • Hong Kong’s Law for Foreign Investment in the Airline Industry: A Pioneer of ‘Principal Place of Business’?” co-authored with Ting Fung Max Lui and Ho Ming Lam Vol 45, Annals of Air & Space Law (2020)
  • “Cross-Border Joint Venture Airlines in Asia: Corporate Governance Perspective” co-authored with Seungyoung Yoon, European Business Organization Law Review (2020)
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  • “Closing the Jurisdictional Gap? The Montreal Protocol 2014 and Unruly Passenger Cases on Board Aircraft” co-authored with Andrew Harrington, Vol 15 Issue 1 Issues in Aviation Law and Policy (2016)
  • “A Study of Legal Restrictions on International Air Cargo Services” Vol 69 The International Commerce and Law Review (2016) (written in Korean)
  • “A Study on the Australian Law Regarding RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System” co-authored with Joseph Wheeler, Vol 30 Issue 2 Korean Journal of Air & Space Law and Policy (2015)
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  • “The Regime of Compensable Damage in the Modernized Rome Conventions: A comparison between article 3 of the general risks convention of 2009 and article 17 of the Montreal convention of 1999,” 35 Annals of Air & Space Law (2010).

Chapters to Edited Collections

  • “Chapter 19 Delay” in George Leloudas (ed.), The Montreal Convention: A Commentary, co-authored with Wolf Müller-Rostin, Edward Elgar (2023)
  • “Nationalism, Consolidation and Rationalization in the Aviation Industry” in Victor V. Ramraj (ed.), Covid-19 in Asia: Law and Policy Contexts, co-authored with Michelle Dy, Oxford University Press (2021)
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