Why CUHK Law?

For many prospective students, the obvious answer to this question is “to become a lawyer” – and indeed studying law can open the way to an interesting, and rewarding career.

Yet this is far from the only reason to study law – and not every law student eventually becomes a lawyer by profession. A solid grounding in legal knowledge can be beneficial in many other activities, from business and industry to government and numerous areas of public service.

Beyond the practical reasons for studying law, however, is the fascination of the law itself. Law touches on every aspect of life, and legal study can be highly fulfilling for its own sake. A legal education also develops many other skill areas: logical thinking, rigorous analysis, public speaking, the ability to present an argument effectively and to identify weaknesses in an opposing case – all these are valuable skills for the lawyer.

In addition, you will be encouraged to think about the ethical concerns associated with the law, helping you to develop your own moral philosophy. You will also enjoy regular interaction, in and out of class, with other intelligent and questioning minds – among both the staff and your fellow students – and learn from each other’s experiences. Indeed, it has been said that legal education is not just teaching for a profession, but teaching for life.

Whether you want to be a lawyer or not, therefore, you will find a legal education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong a challenging, interesting and rewarding experience – one that equips you for future leadership in the legal profession or other capacities in Hong Kong, China, and internationally.