Enriched by the intellectual and cultural heritage of its University and at the heart of the legal system, CUHK LAW brings together common law and Chinese law with other great legal traditions and values to promote justice and safeguard the rule of law.

An international family of research-led scholars creates a dynamic, flexible learning environment. Students are encouraged to develop a deep and critical understanding of legal theory and practice. Graduates will possess the intellectual skills and ethical values to enable them to become future leaders and better serve the needs of the community.

Supported by world class research, CUHK LAW provides a flexible, learner-centred environment in which students are actively engaged and prepared for distinction in the legal profession and for leadership roles in Hong Kong, China, and internationally.

CUHK LAW is building strong and enduring links with alumni and friends so that law students are educated and fully equipped for successful careers in the legal profession, government, business, and industry.

CUHK LAW values diversity and is committed to fostering an inclusive and tolerant environment, to promoting equality, and to ensuring respect for the dignity of all its staff and students, allowing every individual to achieve their full potential.