Background & Objectives

The Sir TL Yang Society Distinguished Professional Mentor Programme plays an indispensable role in shaping the success of our LLB graduates.  It is designed to give individual LLB students the opportunity to meet and receive advice from professionals in law.  Through this initiative, the LLB students can develop the necessary skills and confidence to be effective and ethical professionals. 

Mentors and Mentees

As part of that programme each of our undergraduate students is also paired with a “Distinguished Professional Mentor” who is available to them during their last three years of study at CUHK LAW.

These mentors are drawn from the legal community in Hong Kong, including the judiciary, solicitors and barristers, the government and businesses and other commercial and non-governmental institutions. All undergraduate students are first introduced to their mentors at a special reception at the end of the student’s first year of study and thereafter the initiative is designed to give them the opportunity to obtain practical guidance on issues associated with a future legal career and to help ease them into professional life.

Role of Mentor and Mentee

Offer advice on:
  • the student’s career choices;
  • the strengths of the individual student
  • how to best to build upon these strengths for a successful career
  • Contact the mentor proactively after the first meeting session
  • Keep regular communication with the mentor by email or instant communication platform. Mentee should discuss with mentor of the best mode of communication.
  • Update upcoming schedule and plan (e.g. exam, internship, exchange) to avoid misunderstanding
  • Propose meeting/activities at least once a term in the whole mentorship period.
  • Submit progress report requested by the Faculty

Note of Suggested Etiquette and Protocol

Key Dates of DPM Programme 2020-21
16 June 2021 Briefing on DPM Programme
18 June 2021First Meeting with DPM at Faculty online event
During the Term 1, 2021-22Self-arranged meeting with DPM
By end of Term 1, 2021-22Submit report to the Faculty
During the Term 2, 2021-22Self-arranged meeting with DPM
By end of Term 2, 2021-22Submit report to the Faculty


Each of our undergraduate students is also paired with an Academic Advisor who is a designated member of CUHK LAW. Academic Advisors advise students on all aspects of academic development and each student meets with their academic advisor at least once a term. Our academic advisors take their responsibility seriously and students should feel confident that they can approach them for help if they have any questions or issues they want to discuss such as choice of elective courses, examination results and academic progress.

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