Prof. Lutz-Christian WOLFF has published and was interviewed on his new article entitled “The AI-based Legal Paradise – A (Necessary!) Thought Experiment”

Prof. Lutz-Christian WOLFF, Dean of CUHK LAW & Wei Lun Professor of Law, has published an article entitled “The AI-based Legal Paradise – A (Necessary!) Thought Experiment” in the Journal of Law and Technology at Texas (Vol.6, Spring 2023, pp. 168-200). The article assumes the possibility of comprehensive legal decision-making by machines in a perfect AI-world and discusses pros and cons of this scenario. It concludes that even if technological challenges can be overcome and perfect AI-systems can consequently be built, a comprehensive delegation of legal tasks to AI systems would still not be acceptable. This is because such a comprehensive delegation would infantilize humans and thus defeat the idea that it is the essence of human existence that humans determine their own fate.

Related to the article, Prof. Wolff was interviewed by Reinventing Professionals for a Podcast episode on “Preparing Law Students for an AI-Centric Legal Practice”. Listen to the Podcast episode here.

Posted on 30 October, 2023