Areas & Projects

The Chinese University of Hong Kong is a leading research-oriented university in Asia. With this tradition, CUHK LAW, in addition to its dedication to excellence in teaching, is contributing to the production of lasting and innovative research in theoretical, comparative, historical and empirical legal studies and publish with top international journals and publishers.

CUHK LAW’s research focuses on the community’s needs and issues of local, regional, and international concern. Staff and students of CUHK LAW are dedicated to:

  • develop collaborative research links regionally, particularly with mainland China, and internationally;
  • conduct research of direct relevance to the financial and business communities of Hong Kong and contribute to the jurisprudence on the constitutional arrangements of Hong Kong and mainland China;
  • engage in projects for the benefit of the community; and
  • investigate and propose solutions to pressing social problems such as access to justice, the environment, public health and safety, financial and business regulation, and law and technology.