Prof. Julien CHAISSE 夏竹立教授
Professor 教授
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Room 523,
Faculty of Law,
5/F, Lee Shau Kee Building,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sha Tin, NT, Hong Kong SAR

Professor Chaisse is an award-winning specialist in international economic law with particular expertise in the regulation and economics of foreign investment. His research also covers other relevant fields, such as WTO law, international taxation and the law of natural resources. Before joining the CUHK Law Faculty in 2009, Prof. Chaisse served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, and started his academic career in Europe. Since then, Prof. Chaisse is frequently invited as a guest lecturer to many academies and universities around the world, including the Academy of International Investment and Trade Law, Columbia University, Brown University and Boston University (U.S.), Passau University (Germany) and Melbourne University (Australia) where he is a Senior Fellow to the Law School.

Prof. Chaisse has authored a broad body of well-regarded and widely-cited articles on topics ranging from the rise of sovereign wealth funds, the regulation of foreign investment, and decision-making challenges facing the WTO, which have been published in the top refereed journals of international law. In recognition of his outstanding scholarly achievements, Prof. Chaisse received the CUHK Research Excellence Award in 2012, and was appointed Director of the Center for Financial Regulation and Economic Development of our Faculty since 2013. Prof. Chaisse recently organized the Conference "Globalization of Sanitation and Water Services", and he was Co-General Chair of the Conferences "Positioning Hong Kong in the New International Tax Environment" and "The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Paradigm Shift in International Trade Regulation?". Prof. Chaisse also launched in 2015 the series of "Asia FDI Forum", a high-profile annual conference focusing on the law and economics of FDI in Asia, in cooperation with Columbia University.

In addition to scholarly work, Prof. Chaisse has wide experience as a practitioner, and is engaged as expert, counsel and arbitrator in transnational dispute settlement. Apart from his frequently being interviewed by local and international media on current events and legal issues, Prof. Chaisse is also regularly invited to provide legal advice and training courses on cutting-edge issues of international economic law for international organizations, governments, multinational law firms and private investors, including Ernst & Young, Deloitte U.S., Maxwell Stamp, the United Nations ESCAP and ITC, World Trade Organization, ASEAN Secretariat, European Commission, Asian Development Bank, numbers of European countries and ASEAN member states.

Professor Chaisse currently advises the E15 Task Force on Investment Policy, sponsored jointly by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)." He is also a member of the ICANN Working Group that is conducting a Policy Development Process (PDP) to Review All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs).

  • Ph.D. in Law, University of Aix-Marseille, France (1st class)
  • LL.M. European Law, University of Rennes, France (1st class)
  • M. Phil. International Law, University of Tübingen, Germany (1st class)
  • LL.B. University of Aix-Marseille, France (1st class)
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)
  • CUHK Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award 2015
  • CUHK Research Excellence Award 2012
  • University of Aix-Marseille European Award 2009' for the Best Law PhD Thesis
  • Arbitrator, empaneled with a number of international centers, including the Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC), the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA), the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre (ADNDRC), and the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA)
  • Member of the Board of Review, Inland Revenue Ordinance, Government of Hong Kong SAR
  • Member of the World Economic Forum's Network of Global Agenda Councils, Geneva
  • Senior Fellow, School of Law, Melbourne University, Australia (Melbourne Law Masters)
  • Senior Fellow, World Trade Institute, Switzerland (Master of International Law and Economics)
  • Senior Fellow, Fellow International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, Switzerland (ICTSD)
  • Professor, Academy of International Investment and Trade Law (AIITL)
  • Professor, Master of Arts in European Studies, Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) and Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEE - MAS)
  • Executive Board Member, World Trade Advisors, Geneva (WTA)
  • Steering Committee Member, European Union Academic Programme in Hong Kong (EUAP
  • Associate Researcher, Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities in New Delhi (India), French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CSH)
Representative Publications since 2012


  • International Economic law and Governance-- Essays in the Honour of Mitsuo Matsushita (London: Oxford University Press, 2016) 624 p.
    Full text: Oxford University Press (Purchase)
  • The ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement-- The Regionalization of Laws and Policy on Foreign Investment (London: Edward Elgar, International Investment Law Series edited by Andrea K. Bjorklund and August Reinisch, 2016) 265 p.
    Full text: Edward Elgar (Purchase)
  • Legal Issues of Economic Globalization-- A Commentary on the Law and Practice(Hong Kong: Wolters Kluwer, 2015) 784 p.
    Full text: Wolters Kluwer (Purchase)
  • China and Hong Kong-- An International Tax Perspective (Hong Kong: Wolters Kluwer, 2014) 337 p.
    Full text: Wolters Kluwer (Purchase)

Journal Articles

  • 'Renewables Re-Energized? The Internationalization of Green Energy Investment Rules and Disputes' (2017) 10(1) Journal of World Energy Law & Business (forthcoming)
    Full text: Oxford University Press Journals
  • 'Shareholder Protection Reloaded-- Redesigning the Matrix of Shareholder Claims for Reflective Loss' (2016) 52(1) Stanford Journal of International Law 51-94
    Full text: Stanford Journal of International Law
  • 'Investor-State Arbitration in International Tax Dispute Resolution-- A Cut above Dedicated Tax Dispute Resolution?' (2016) 41(2) Virginia Tax Review 149-222
    Full text: Virginia Tax Review
  • 'Navigating the Expanding Universe of International Treaties on Foreign Investment-- Creation and Use of a Critical Index' (2015) 18(1) Journal of International Economic Law 79-115
    Full text: Oxford University Press Journals
  • 'Normative Obsolescence of WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement-- Topography of the Global Use and Misuse of Anti-Dumping Measures' (2016) 6(2) Asian Journal of International Law 223-263
    Full text: Cambridge University Press Journals
  • 'The Shifting Tectonics of International Investment Law-- Structure and Dynamics of Rules and Arbitration on Foreign Investment in the Asia-Pacific Region' (2015) 47(3) George Washington International Law Review 563-638
    Full text: George Washington International Law Review
  • 'The Evolving and Multilayered Investment Regulatory Framework between the European Union and India' (2014) 20(3) European Law Journal 385-422
    Full text: Wiley Online Library
  • 'Deconstructing the Conformity Obligation-- A Theory of Compliance as a Process' (2014) 37(4) Fordham International Law Journal 57-98
    Full text: Fordham International Law Journal 
  • 'Maintaining the WTO's Supremacy in the International Trade Order-- A Proposal to Refine and Revise the Role of the Trade Policy Review Mechanism' (2013) 16(1) Journal of International Economic Law 9-36
    Full text: Oxford University Press Journals
  • 'Deconstructing Services and Investment Negotiations – A Case Study of India at WTO GATS and Investment Fora' (2013) 14(1) Journal of World Investment and Trade 44-78
    Full text: Brill Journals
  • 'Exploring the Confines of International Investment and Domestic Health Protections-- General exceptions clause as a forced perspective' (2013) 39(2/3) American Journal of Law & Medicine 332-361
    Full text: American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics
  • 'Promises and Pitfalls of the European Union Policy on Foreign Investment' (2012) 15(1) Journal of International Economic Law 51-84
    Full text: Oxford University Press Journals

Book Chapters

  • 'Untangling the Triangle - Issues for State-Controlled Entities in Trade, Investment and Competition Law' in International Economic law and Governance-- Essays in the Honour of Mitsuo Matsushita (London: Oxford University Press, 2017)
    Full text: Oxford University Press
  • 'Global Water Services Market and the Law-- A Paradigm in the Making' in The Regulation of Global Water Services Market (London: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2016)
    Full text: Cambridge University Press
  • Arbitration in Tax Treaty Law and Arbitration under Bilateral Investment Treaties, in: Michael Lang & Jeffrey Owens, International Arbitration in Tax Matters (New York: International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, 2016) 387-430
    Full text: IBFD Website
  • 'The Impact of International Investment Agreements on the Greek Default' in Chin Leng Lim and Bryan Mercurio (eds) International Economic Law after the Global Crisis-- A Tale of Fragmented Disciplines (London: Cambridge University Press, 2015) 306-328
    Full text: Cambridge University Press
  • 'The Regulation of Investment in the TPP - Towards a defining international agreement for the Asia-Pacific region' in Jansen Calamita and Mavluda Sattorova (ed) The Regionalization of Investment Treaty Arrangements--Developments and Implications (London: British Institute of International and Comparative Law (Series 'Current Issues in Investment Treaty Law' Volume 5, 2014) 270-319
    Full text: British Institute of International and Comparative Law
  • 'The Regulation of Sovereign Wealth Funds in the European Union' in Karl P. Sauvant, Lisa Sachs, and Wouter P.F. Schmit Jongbloed (eds) Sovereign Investment-- Concerns and Policy Reactions (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012) 462-495
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  • 'Towards Innovations in Investment Rule-Making?' in Chin Leng Lim, Deborah Elms, Patrick Low (eds) The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)-- A Quest for Twenty-first Century Trade Agreement (London: Cambridge University Press, 2012) 147-170
    Full text: Cambridge University Press

Policy Notes
  • The Rise of Disputes in Cross-Border Water Services, Hong Kong Lawyer, June 2016
    Full text: Hong Kong Lawyer
  • Investment Recommendations for RCEP, Asian Trade Centre No. 16-09, May 2016, 8 p.
    Full text: Asian Trade Center
  • International Investment Law and Taxation: From Coexistence to Cooperation, World Economic Forum E15 Task Force on Investment Policy, 2016
    Full text: E15 initiative
  • Water privatization in the world: implications for sustainable development policy, Australian APEC Study Centre, Vol. 3 APEC Currents, 2015
    Full text: Australian APEC Study Centre (Free)
  • 'The Transpacific Partnership: What is the future of investment arbitration in Asia-Pacific?' 16(7) HK45 / HKIAC Newsletter, 2015 
    Full text: HK45 / HKIAC Newsletter (Free)
  • 'Privatización del agua en América Latina: implicancias para las políticas de desarrollo sostenible' 16(7) ICTSD Puentes, 2015 
    Full text: ICTSD Puentes (Free)
  • Asian noodle bowl of international investment agreements: how to mitigate the problems?, Australian APEC Study Centre, Current Issues in Asia Pacific Foreign Direct Investment, 2015
    Full text: Australian APEC Study Centre (Free)
  • 'Tendencias globales en la construcción de normas y arbitraje de inversión' 15(8) ICTSD Puentes, 2014 
    Full text: ICTSD Puentes (Free)

Book Reviews


  • Case 'ASSAB Pacific Pte. Ltd. v. San Ming', Decision HK-1600872, July 6, 2016
  • Case 'V Intellect Company Limited v. Marguerite Patrie', Decision HK-1500821, January 25, 2016
  • Case 'Promgirl LLC v. Ma Gang', HK-1500800, December 13, 2015
  • Case 'Envato Pty Ltd v. James Smith', HK-1500752, June 17, 2015
  • Case 'Rimowa GmbH v. Pisa Yu', HK-1500728, May 25, 2015
Research profile and current activities

Research Interests

  • Transnational law
  • International law of foreign investment
  • Law of the World Trade Organisation
  • Law of Energy (renewable and non-renewable)
  • Law of Water
  • International Arbitration

Research Projects

Representative Publications, 2005-2011


  • Expansion of Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in Asia-- Strategic and Policy Challenges (London: Routledge, 2011) 308 p.
  • Competitiveness of ASEAN Economies-- Corporate and Regulatory Drivers (Northampton: Edward Elgar, Peter J. Buckley's series on New Horizons in International Business, 2010) 336 p.
  • Essays on the Future of the WTO, Volume I-- Policies and Legal Issues (Geneva: Edis, 2008) 384 p.
  • Essays on the Future of the WTO, Volume II-- WTO Judicial System (Geneva: Edis, 2008) 480p.
  • Ensuring the Conformity of Domestic with the Law of the World Trade Organisation-– India as a case study (New Delhi: Rajdhani Press/CSH, 2005) 188p.

Book Chapters

  • 'The Regulatory Framework of International Investment-- The Challenge of Fragmentation in a Changing World Economy' in Thomas Cottier and Panagiotis Delimatsis (eds) The Prospects of International Trade Regulation-- From Fragmentation to Coherence (London: Cambridge University Press 2010) 417-451
  • 'International Investment Treaties and China Outbound Investments' in Lutz-Christian Wolff (ed) China Outbound Investments – Law and Practice (Hong Kong: Kluwer CCH, 2011) 213-234
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  • 'Legal Implications of European Union Enlargement", in: I.-P. Khosla (ed.), "India and the New Europe' (New Delhi: Konark Publishers, 2004) 136-153

Journal Articles

  • 'Do Bilateral Investment Treaties Promote Foreign Direct Investment? Preliminary Reflections on a New Methodology'
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds as Corporations in the Making - Assessing the Economic Feasibility and Regulatory Strategies' (2011) 45(4) Journal of World Trade 837-875
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  • 'L'option régionale de la politique commerciale européenne à l'épreuve de l'Asie émergente' in Dossier spécial 'Les économies asiatiques face aux défis de la compétitivité internationale' (2009) 67(1) Revue Economique et Sociale 89-106
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  • 'EC and WTO: Adapting the European Community Legal Structure to the International Trade' (2006) 17(6) European Business Law Review 1615-1635

Research Projects

  • 'Hong Kong Foreign Direct Investment Profile', supported by CUHK New Asia College the Chiap Hua Cheng's Foundation Fund in cooperation with Columbia University, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment [completed 2013]
  • 'United States of America and China Trade Litigation in the WTO' (我国入世以来利用WTO争端解决机制解决中美贸易争端的实践与经验研究) Chinese Ministry of Education (No. 12JJD790022) with Prof. LUAN Xinjie [completed 2012]
  • 'Regulatory Strategies of Sovereign Wealth Fund in making', supported by the Earmarked Research Grant (ERG), CUHK [completed 2011]