Corporate Law and Governance Cluster

The cluster group’s central area of specialty lies in comparative corporate law and governance. Members have carried out notable research in the area that addresses issues of global and regional significance, such as corporate takeovers, corporate charters, corporate veil piercing, corporate ownership, corporate boards, securities enforcement actions, and shareholder voting.

The standing of members in the field is recognised by their publications in leading peer-reviewed international journals. One member has recently secured a book contract from the Cambridge University Press to co-edit the Handbook on Comparative Shareholder Engagement and Voting, a major comparative undertaking involving 19 jurisdictions. Members have also engaged in generating impact by way of giving media interviews and contributing op-eds.

Members of the cluster group have had established links with non-academic beneficiaries of their research. These include regulatory/statutory bodies, courts and NGOs in Hong Kong and mainland China, such as Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, China Securities Regulatory Commission, Asset Management Association of China, and China Securities Investor Services Center.

Members of the cluster group have strong track records of securing externally competitive grants from a variety of academic and non-academic granting bodies, including RGC (GRFs and ECSs), PRC Ministry of Education, Government of India, Asset Management Association of China, and China Securities Investor Services Center, to name a few.

Prof. Chao XI (Cluster Chair)
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ning CAO
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Sirui HAN
Postdoctoral Fellow