Mr. Jamieson Michael KIRKWOOD

Research Student

Working toward a PhD in Laws, expected 2022

Jamieson is an experienced legal practitioner with dual expertise in both International Economic Law and Investment Management and therefore ideally positioned to undertake the below research, which is best undertaken by a candidate with both legal and empirical skills.


Constructing a Rule-oriented Approach in BRI Dispute Settlement, co-supervised by Professors Anatole BOUTE and Noam NOKED.


I am especially interested in the interface between International Economic Law and Investment Management / Dispute Resolution / Arbitration arising from the Investments. With my thesis, I hope to investigate further this interface, particularly along the Belt and Road and present my findings to a wider audience.

  • Chaisse, Julien & Kirkwood, Jamieson, ‘Smart Courts, Smart Contracts, and the Future of Online Dispute Resolution’ (2022) 5 (1) Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy 62-91. 

  • Chaisse, Julien & Kirkwood, Jamieson, ‘Adjudicating Disputes Along China’s New Silk Road: Towards Unity, Diversity or Fragmentation of International Law? (2021) Netherlands International Law Review. 

  • Chaisse, Julien & Kirkwood, Jamieson, ‘Foreign Investors vs National Tax Measures: Assessing the Role of International Investment Agreements’ in Mosquera Irma, Lesage Dries & Lips Wouter (eds) Taxation, International Cooperation and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda (Springer 2021) 149-169,
  • Chaisse, Julien & Kirkwood, Jamieson, ‘One Stone, Two Birds: Can China Leverage WTO Accession to Build the BRI?’ (2021) 55 (2) Journal of World Trade 287-308,
  • Chaisse, Julien & Kirkwood, Jamieson, ‘CHINESE PUZZLE: ANATOMY OF THE (INVISIBLE) BELT AND ROAD INVESTMENT TREATY’ (2020) 23 (1) Journal of International Economic Law 245–269,
  • Author of dissertation during Master of Science in Swansea, “An Investigation of the Paradigm Shift in Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment”, 2017.
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Expert™, 2022.
  • Cryptocurrencies and AML Compliance certification (Basel Institute on Governance, 2022)
  • Anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) certification (Basel Institute on Governance, 2022)
  • Certified Blockchain Expert™, 2021.
  • CUHK Postgraduate Research Output Award 2020.
  • Master of Science in Investment Management, School of Management, Swansea University, United Kingdom, 2017. *
    * awarded the School of Management “Postgraduate Excellence” Scholarship 2016-2017.
    * awarded the School of Management “Developing Futures” Scholarship 2016-2017.
    * awarded the School of Management “Meritorious Prize” for highest grades overall 2017.
    ** Dissertation Title: “An Investigation of the Paradigm Shift in Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment”
  • Master of Laws in International Economic Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2013. *
    *  awarded the CUHK LAW LLM Academic Excellence Scholarship Award 2013.
  • Summer School for International Financial Law, Oxford University, United Kingdom, 2010.
  • Young Lawyers Program, Tübingen University/ Düsseldorf High Court, Germany, 2004.
  • BVC Program, Inns of Court School of Law, London, United Kingdom, 2003.
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2000.