Seven CUHK LAW professors and one PhD student presented research at 8th Asian Constitutional Law Forum

Posted on 9 December, 2019

CUHK LAW was well represented at the recent Asian Constitutional Law Forum held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 6-7 December 2019. The participants and the title of their papers presented include:

Professor BUI Ngoc Son – Subglobal Constitutionalism in Southeast Asia

Professor Surabhi CHOPRA – Economic and Social Rights in the Philippines: The Trouble with Transformative Constitutionalism

Professor Stuart HARGREAVES – Whose Justice? (re)Considering the Role of the Overseas Judges on the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal

Professor Mara MALAGODI – Lost in Transformation: Social Rights under a Contradictory Constitution & A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet: Third Gender and Constitutional Identity in Nepal

Professor Ryan MITCHELL – Debating Decisionism: Receptions of Carl Schmitt in China Since 1929

Professor Samuli SEPPANEN – Layers of Legal Formalism and Anti- formalism in the Chinese Communist Party’s Governance Project

Mr. Sumit SONKAR – Quelling Social Justice: Rhetorical Discourses in Subhash Kashinath Mahajan v The State of Maharashtra

Professor TSANG King Fung Dicky –  Compatibility of US Constitutional Due Process in Litigations involving PRC’s SOEs