Prof. Robin Hui HUANG publishes a new article of his FinTech research series

Posted on 28 February, 2020

Prof. Robin Hui HUANG published a new article of his FinTech research series, on the regulation of crypto-assets, in European Business Organization Law Review. This article examines the risks and benefits of crypto-assets from a law and economics perspective, and takes a comparative law approach to critically assessing the efficacy of the regulation recently introduced in Hong Kong.

Prof. Huang has already published two other articles in the said journal, focusing on P2P online lending (2017-18) and Initial Coin Offerings (2018-19). Moreover, Prof. Huang has published two articles on the regulation of crowdfunding in core Chinese-language law journals, including 现代法学 [Modern Law Science] (2017-18) and 清华法学 [Tsinghua University Law Journal] (2018-19).

Read the full article here – “The Development and Regulation of Cryptoassets: Hong Kong Experiences and a Comparative Analysis

The FinTech research series are all available at SSRN.