Prof. Lutz-Christian WOLFF speaks on the application of the CISG to the HKSAR
Posted on 31 August, 2020

Prof. Lutz-Christian WOLFF, Dean of CUHK LAW, gave a presentation titled “Opting out of the CISG” at the online Symposium on “The Application of the CISG to the HKSAR” organized by the Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law of City University of Hong Kong. Prof. Wolff explained that research suggests that choice of law decisions, including the decision to exclude the applicability of the CISG in cross-border sales transactions, are often irrational. It must be expected that in line with the experience in other jurisdictions, also in Hong Kong CISG opt-out rates will remain relatively high for years. This, however, should not prevent the official introduction of the CISG in Hong Kong.