Prof. Chin Leng LIM was invited to speak on investment treaties in Hong Kong, Shanghai and during the AIAC’s 2019 ADR Week in Kuala Lumpur

Posted on 3 July, 2019

Prof. Chin Leng LIM, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Law, was invited by the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce, to be the speaker at the Nasi Lemak Dinner Talk on 27th May. The topic of his speech was “The Time When Malaysia Caught the Attention of the International Money Lawyers, and Other Stories”. 

He was invited subsequently to chair a Roundtable at the Koguan Law School in Shanghai on the “Reform of Investor-State Dispute Settlement” on 12th June.

On 27th June, Prof. Lim was an Honorary Speaker at the Asian International Arbitration Centre’s (AIAC’s) 2019 Alternative Dispute Resolution Week in Kuala Lumpur. He spoke on the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership in light of the question of Malaysian ratification, and on that treaty’s investor-State dispute settlement provisions. The speech was based in part on his chapter in Benedict Kingsbury et al, Megaregulation Contested (Oxford University Press, 2019).