[Cancelled] CFRED’s 7th Intellectual Property Law Seminar – ‘Deciphering Damages in China’s New Copyright Law’ (Online)

[Cancelled] CFRED’s 7th Intellectual Property Law Seminar – ‘Deciphering Damages in China’s New Copyright Law’ (Online)

The seminar is cancelled.

On 11 November, 2020, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China approved the Third Amendment to the Chinese Copyright Law, which later came into effect on 1 June 2021. While the new Copyright Law covers a wide range of issues, damages are one of the most important issues of this copyright reform. In this seminar, Professors Guangliang Zhang (Renmin Law School) and Jyh-An Lee (CUHK LAW) will discuss the damages rules in China’s new Copyright Law. Professor Lee will first introduce the major changes in the overall copyright damages scheme followed by Professor Zhang’s analysis of punitive damages specifically in the Third Amendment. These two speakers will respectively share their forthcoming papers to be published in the Journal of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A.:

⦁ Guangliang Zhang, Punitive Damages for Copyright Infringement in China: Interpretations, Issues and Solutions, 68 J. Copyright Soc’y U.S.A. (forthcoming 2021
⦁ Jyh-An Lee, Formulating Copyright Damages in China, 68 J. Copyright Soc’y U.S.A. (forthcoming 2021

About the Speakers:

Dr. ZHANG Guangliang is a Professor of Renmin University of China School of Law, and the Director of Renmin University of China Institute of International Intellectual Property, an Adjunct Professor of the John Marshall Law School (Chicago, IL, USA), the Deputy Secretary General of China Intellectual Property Law Society, and a member of World Intellectual Property Organization Independent Advisory Oversight Committee (from January 2014 to January 2017).

Before he transitioned to the academics, Dr. Zhang was a judge, deputy chief judge and acting chief judge of the Intellectual Property Tribunal at the Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court. He also served as the Director of the Research Department as well as an Adjudication Committee Member of the Court.

Prof. Jyh-An Lee is a Professor and Executive Director of the Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law. He is an expert in intellectual property (IP) law and information law. Professor Lee has been featured on ABC News, BBC News, Bloomberg News, Financial Times, Fortune, and South China Morning Post as an expert on IP and Internet law. His works on IP have been cited by the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and UK High Court of Justice. Before starting his academic career, he was a practicing lawyer in Taiwan, specializing in technology and business transactions.

Moderator: Mr. Paul Schmidt, Professional Consultant, CUHK LAW

The Law Society of Hong Kong has awarded this seminar 1.5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.


15 Nov 2021


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm