Asian Legal History Conference (Online)

24 – 25 July, 2021 

On 24 – 25 July 2021, the Transnational Legal History Group within the Centre for Comparative and Transnational Law at CUHK LAW, in collaboration with the University of Law – Hue University in Vietnam, organised the “Asian Legal History Conference.” The Conference brought together more than 120 scholars in 30 simultaneous panels who presented ongoing research on different aspects of legal history in Asia. More than 200 international attendees registered and joined the online discussions with the presenters during the event. The conference included keynote presentations by Lutz-Christian Wolff, Dean of CUHK LAW, Penelope Nicholson, Dean of the Law School at Melbourne University, Professor Andrew Harding of the Faculty of Law at NUS and Professor Radhika Singha of the Centre for Historical Studies at JNU. The Conference was the first major international conference to be devoted specifically to the theme of Asian Legal History. It marked the inaugural conference in a planned series of similar conferences, which will be held annually in different jurisdictions around Asia. The conference also saw the formation of the Asian Legal History Association, aimed at the promotion of the study of legal history in and of Asia.

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