Comparative Constitutional Law Research Forum- Constitutionalism and Classical Confucianism: Book Discussion on Theorizing Confucian Virtue Politics by Sungmoon Kim

27 February, 2020

The seminar is postponed.

 In his new book Theorizing Confucian Virtue Politics: The Political Philosophy of Mencius and Xunzi (CUP 2019), Sungmoon Kim, a leading scholar of comparative political theory, presents the political philosophies of Mencius and Xunzi in terms of constitutionalism, and shows how they each developed the ability to authorize the ruler’s legitimate use of power in domestic and interstate politics in ways consistent with their distinctive accounts of human nature. This Book Discussion brings together scholars in comparative constitutional law, international law, and political philosophy to discuss the book, followed by the author’s responses. 

Book author:
Sungmoon KIM, Department of Public Policy, City University of Hong Kong 

Chung-yi Cheng, Professor, Department of Philosophy, CUHK  
Albert H Y Chen, Cheng Chan Lan Yue Professor in Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, HKU 
Ngoc Son Bui, Assistant Professor, CUHK LAW
Ryan Mitchell, Assistant Professor, CUHK LAW