CCTL seminar – ‘Constitution-making in the 1780s’ by Dr. Adam Lebovitz (Online)

The CCTL Comparative Constitutional Law Research Forum organised on 29 October 2020, a seminar entitled ‘Constitution-making in the 1780s’.

 The seminar delivered by Dr Lebovitz was based on his forthcoming book “Colossus: Constitutional Theory in America and France, 1776-1799” (Harvard University Press). The seminar provided a tour d’horizon of the constitutional debates and connections between revolutionary moments on both sides of the Atlantic, examining how intellectuals addressed topical questions regarding the arrangement of the balance of powers between the executive branch and the legislative branch, bicameralism and unicameralism. Dr Lebovitz described “The Age of Revolutions” as “The Age of Constitution-making”. He examined developments not only in the United States of America and in France but also considered the revolutionary experiences in smaller European republics such as the Dutch United Provinces and the Republic of Geneva, as well as the role of European and American intellectuals in cross-influencing constitution-making on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Executive Director of the Centre for Comparative and Transnational Law, Prof. Rehan Abeyratne chaired the seminar and moderated a captivating Q&A session.