CCTL Comparative Constitutional Law Research Forum Seminar- Intersectional Discrimination (Online)

4 May 2020

This online seminar discussed the new monograph Intersectional Discrimination (OUP 2019) by Shreya Atrey, Associate Professor in Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford. Professor Atrey began the seminar with an overview of her book, which presents an account of intersectionality theory in comparative discrimination law. She explained the concept of intersectional discrimination and why it has been difficult for jurisdictions around the world to redress it in discrimination law. Professor Atrey further noted that intersectionality is not a catch-all concept or panacea for societal problems. Rather, she argued that the law would benefit from a reorientation that takes into account the intersectional nature of many discrimination claims. Following Professor Atrey’s remarks, Professors Mara Malagodi (CUHK) and Kelley Loper (HKU) offered commentary on the book. Professor Malagodi provided a comparative constitutional law perspective, while Professor Loper discussed intersectionality in her teaching of discrimination law and in the context of Hong Kong. Professor Rehan Abeyratne (CUHK) moderated the seminar and hosted a Q&A session with the audience at the end.