Teaching & Learning Seminar – “From Ideas to Endorsement, or How to Obtain Ethics Approval” by Dr. Esther Erlings

29 October, 2018

So you have decided that books and cases won’t cut it and you plan to go out into the field? Or you would like to know more about student perceptions or the impact of your teaching practice through action research? Great! Now what about that ethics application? That is, what about the document that asks you how you will ensure confidentiality, requires you to explain why your participants won’t feel pressured to participate and enquires about the practicalities of your research method? Ethics applications are essential to ensure proper conduct in research, but for most legal academics they can be quite a headache. This seminar is not so much a presentation, as a hands-on session to work through some elements of ethics and the CUHK ethics application form. Bring your ideas and questions! 

Date: 29 October 2018 (Monday)
Time: 12:45pm
Venue: Moot Court, 5/F, Lee Shau Kee Building, CUHK, Shatin

About the speaker: Dr. Esther Erlings, Lecturer, College of Business, Government and Law at Flinders University

Esther Erlings is a lecturer in law and the honours coordinator for law at Flinders University, Adelaide (Australia). Before moving to Adelaide, Esther completed her PhD and worked as a Teaching Assistant at CUHK. Esther researches in the fields of human rights and family law, which a specific focus on parent-child dispute resolution. Much of her work is comparative and/or socio-legal in nature. She e.g. recently obtained a grant to conduct interviews with mediators that will allow for a better understanding of how the profession interprets minors’ competence to mediate. At Flinders, Esther teaches torts (1, 2 & JD), Legal Analysis and Problem Solving and Honours Research Methods.