Prof. Gregory GORDON publishes feature on 100th birthday of Nuremberg Prosecutor Benjamin Ferencz in Al Jazeera

Posted on 13 March, 2020

Prof. Gregory GORDON and journalist Mia Swart have written a feature that was published in Al Jazeera to commemorate the 100th birthday of Benjamin Ferencz, Nuremberg’s last living prosecutor. The piece covers not only Ferencz’s achievements in Nuremberg but also his pioneering work in war crimes investigation for Patton’s Third Army during World War II and in Holocaust victims reparations and peace advocacy post-Nuremberg. Prof. Gordon is currently writing a biography of Ferencz titled “Nuremberg’s Citizen Prosecutor: Benjamin Ferencz and the Birth of International Justice”.

Read the full article here – “Benjamin Ferencz: The last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor”