Masterclasses in Law for LLM Applicants

Masterclasses in Law for LLM Applicants

CUHK LAW offers five master programmes, providing students an opportunity to specialize in International Economic Law, Chinese Business Law, Common Law, Energy and Environmental Law, and Legal History. Our programmes are practice-oriented and delivered by leading international scholars and practitioners in these key areas of law. To introduce applicants to the LLM programmes and the faculty, CUHK LAW is organising Masterclasses which will give applicants insight on what a LLM lecture is like at CUHK LAW.

Programme Rundown:

1. Welcome by the LLM Programme Director

2. Masterclasses

“Two Lawyers, Worldwide Protests, and the United Nations Steps In” by Prof. Chin Leng LIM

“Cryptocurrency regulation in China” by Prof. Chao XI

“International Law as Part of the Common Law” by Prof. Ryan MITCHELL

“Competition Law and China’s Digital Economy” by Prof. Sandra MARCO COLINO

Register here by 14 December 2022 to attend the event.


17 Dec 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm