International Conference on Cryptocurrency and Central Bank Digital Currency: Opportunities, Risks, and Regulation

International Conference on Cryptocurrency and Central Bank Digital Currency: Opportunities, Risks, and Regulation

Cryptocurrencies (Crypto), also known as “crypto assets” or “virtual assets”, have recently attracted much attention and intense discussions from market participants and regulators. While Cryptos bring significant benefits, they come with a range of significant risks on investor protection and market integrity. Perhaps as a response to the payment function of Crypto, there has been an international race to develop the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). One of the main enablers of success in the healthy development of Crypto and CBDC is regulations. The challenge is how to design an effective regulatory regime to strike a proper balance between fostering financial innovation and ensuring investor protection and financial stability.

The conference provides a forum to discuss the above issues at CUHK LAW. To benefit from international experiences on the subject matter, the conference will bring together distinguished speakers from various jurisdictions, including the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Swiss, Luxembourg, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Mainland China and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission will also send their representatives to speak at the conference.

The conference is innovatively arranged as an inter-faculty collaboration among law, business and engineering, so as to bring inter-disciplinary perspectives on the subject matter. As the conference program shows, the conference starts with two panel discussions which will be moderated by experts from the CUHK Engineering Faculty and the CUHK Business School, and then have sessions adopting the standard academic conference mode, where each speaker presents their papers with a Q&A in the end.

The conference is organized in partnership with the Banking and Finance Law Review (BFLR), a well-respected international journal in the field. It is also part of a project sponsored by the General Research Fund of the Hong Kong SAR Research Grants Council and the Project Impact Enhancement Fund of CUHK.

To provide maximum flexibility in a time of Covid pandemic, the conference will adopt a hybrid mode: local speakers and some overseas speakers will attend in person while others attend online. 

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02 - 03 Dec 2022


LSK (Full Address)
Lee Shau Kee Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin

Location 2