Faculty Online Seminar – A Crisis or an Opportunity? The Trade War Between the US and China in the Solar PV Sector by Dr. FANG Meng Mandy

In this seminar, Dr. FANG Meng Mandy will present her article on ‘A Crisis or an Opportunity? The Trade War Between the US and China in the Solar PV Sector’. Since early 2018, the US–China ‘trade war’ has increased tariffs on a wide range of Chinese products, including solar panels. The tension between the US and China in solar sector, if left unchecked, will not only harm the bilateral relationship between the two trade powers but also impede climate change mitigation as higher costs will slow down the deployment of solar products. The article begins by tracing the rapid development of the solar energy sector in China, before reviewing US trade measures to counteract the increased imports and protect its domestic industry. The article then proceeds to examine the WTO rules, finding that China is likely to prevail in the dispute on claims made under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the Agreement on Safeguards.

About the speaker:
Dr. FANG Meng Mandy is a post-doctoral fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, having previously been employed at the National University of Singapore. She obtained her PhD from CUHK, and holds an LLM from University College London and Bachelor of Management and Bachelor of Laws degrees from Chongqing University (China). Her research interests include international economic law, climate change governance and energy law and work appears in outlets such as the Journal of World Trade, Journal of World Investment and Trade, Chinese Journal of Environmental Law and Climate Law.

The online seminar is organized for CUHK Law students only.


06 Mar 2020


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm