Property Law Seminar Series – ‘The End to Testamentary Freedom’ by Dr. Richard Hedlund (Online)

13 January, 2021 

CUHK LAW hosted the Property Law Webinar ‘The End to Testamentary Freedom’ on 13 January 2021. It was delivered by Dr. Richard Hedlund, Acting Deputy Head of School, Lincoln Law School. With over 300 registrations, this Webinar examined the parliamentary proceedings in the UK Parliament from 1928 and 1938 that led to the enactment of the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act 1938, looking at the arguments presented by the proponents and opponents of the rule. Dr. Hedlund placed the 1938 Act in the political, cultural, social, and economic context of the times, from the Enlightenment philosophers who promoted individualism, to the great social reforms of the Victorians, and women’s suffrage and the reassessment of marriage as an equal partnership in the 20th century.