Directions in Legal Education 2022

10 June 2022

The fourth “Directions in Legal Education 2022” conference was held by CUHK LAW from 10-11 June 2022. Legal educators, practitioners, students, and interested stakeholders from across the globe assembled to share their experiences and discuss common challenges, exchange ideas and share experiences. CUHK LAW has been organising a legal education conference every two years since 2016. Following the success of its previous three conferences, CUHK LAW proudly announces that the “Directions in Legal Education 2022” conference was successfully completed.

Due to the epidemic, this conference was held online. The conference brought more than 40 presentations from speakers from around the world, including Australia, India, mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Denmark, India, Malaysia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore, to discuss and reflect on their work as law teachers in the digital and post-epidemic era, the implications of technological transformation in the legal profession, the combination of traditional teaching and online teaching, innovative legal curriculum design, changing trends in legal education, how to empower law teaching with state-of-the-art technology means and how to help legal students prepare for their future careers.

Over the two days, a total of 12 parallel panel sessions were held and more than 350 local and overseas individuals signed up to attend the online conference. The conference presentations covered topics included “Online Legal Education”, “Educational Reforms”, “Law and the Metaverse”, “AI in Legal Education”, “Professionalism and Employability”, “Risks of Discrimination and Harassment for Legal Interns’”, “Post-law School Success”, “Pedagogy”, “Interdisciplinary Scholarship”, “Skills-Based Learning”, “Language in Legal Education”, “Plagiarism”, “Discrimination and Harassment for Legal Interns”, “Student and Teacher Wellness” and “Publishing Legal Education Research”.

On the first day, the keynote speakers were Professor Natalie Skead (University of Western Australia Law School), with her topic “Equipping Our Law Students for Post-law School Success”, and Professor Nigel Duncan (The City Law School, City University of London), with his topic “Resilience, Wellbeing and Preparation for Professional Practice”. On the second day of the conference, Professor Chris Ashford (Northumbria Law School, Northumbria University) delivered his keynote speech “Publishing Legal Education Research”.

CUHK LAW thanks all speakers and participants for making this conference a success. Let us look forward to the next “Directions in Legal Education” conference which will be held in 2024.

Click here to watch the presentation videos.