“Directions in Legal Education 2020” Online Conference on Teaching and Learning in Law

18-20 June, 2020


CUHK LAW proudly announce the successful completion of its first online international conference “Directions in Legal Education 2020” held from 18-20 June 2020. Over 80 speakers from around the world, including Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, India, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, the Netherlands, Spain, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States, attended with over 420 local and overseas participants signed up for the conference. The conference served as a hub to discuss and reflect on the work as law teachers in the digital era, the implications of technological transformation in the legal profession, how to foster new and innovative pedagogical legal education programmes to embrace the shifting legal education landscape that provide the best possible learning experience to students to help them achieve career success. All the conference presentation videos are now available at CUHK LAW website. Watch the videos at here.