Halloween Seminar - From Beyond the Grave: Ghosts, Resurrection Men and the Law by Prof. Christopher Gane

2 November 2018

Halloween at CUHK Law is marked by an annual Halloween themed legal seminar delivered by the Dean of Law, Prof. Christopher Gane. This year’s Halloween seminar titled, “From beyond the Grave, Ghosts, Resurrection Men and the Law”, took us back in time to England and Scotland at the end of the 18th century.

Dean Gane treated the attendees to a fascinating discussion laced with humour on how the courts treated testimonies from beyond the grave. The audience was also captivated by his historical account of the gruesome practices by grave robbers (resurrection men). This was a time when a booming demand for fresh cadavers triggered by an increase in anatomical study resulted in widespread grave-robbing, which ultimately came to an end after the passing of the Anatomy Act.