Prof. Benoit MAYER
Assistant Professor
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Room 611,
Faculty of Law,
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The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sha Tin, NT, Hong Kong SAR

Professor Benoit Mayer was appointed Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016. He is also a Research Associate at McGill University's Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer Chair in Public International Law, a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL), an Associate Member at the National University of Singapore's Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law, and a Research Fellow at the Earth System Governance project. He is the Managing Editor of the Chinese Journal of Environmental Law.

Professor Mayer holds degrees from the University Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne, Sciences Po Lyon, McGill University, and the National University of Singapore. From 2015 to 2016, he was an Associate Professor at the University of Wuhan.

His publications include three books and more than 60 journal articles and book chapters on the international governance of climate change. His critical outlook on the concept of climate migration and his analysis of the interactions between climate change and general international law have had a growing impact on the study of international climate change law.

His work can be consulted on his personal website,

Books (selection)
  • Benoit Mayer, The International Law on Climate Change (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming: under contract).
  • Benoit Mayer, The Concept of Climate Migration: Advocacy and its Prospects (Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2016), Elgar Studies in Climate Law series.
  • Benoit Mayer & François Crépeau, eds., Research Handbook on Climate Change, Migration and the Law (Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, forthcoming: in press).
  • Prabhakar Singh & Benoit Mayer, eds., Critical International Law: Post-realism, Post-colonialism and Transnationalism (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2014).
Peer-reviewed journal articles (selection)
  • Benoit Mayer, "Climate Change Mitigation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" (2017) 7(2-3) Climate Law (forthcoming).
  • Benoit Mayer, Mikko Rajavuori and Fang Meng, "The Contribution of State-Owned Enterprises to Climate Change Mitigation in China" (2017) 7(2-3) Climate Law (forthcoming).
  • Benoit Mayer, "Construing International Climate Change Law as a Compliance Regime" Transnational Environmental Law (forthcoming).
  • Benoit Mayer, "Less-than-full Reparation in International Law" Indian Journal of International Law (forthcoming).
  • Benoit Mayer, "Human Rights in the Paris Agreement" (2016) 6 Climate Law 109-117.
  • Benoit Mayer and Mikko Rajavuori, "National Fossil Fuel Companies and Climate Change Mitigation under International Law" (2016) 44 Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce 55-120.
  • Benoit Mayer, "Migration in the UNFCCC Workstream on 'Loss and Damage': An Assessment of Alternative Framings and Conceivable Responses" (2017) 6(1) Transnational Environmental Law 107-129.
  • Benoit Mayer, "The Relevance of the No-Harm Principle to Climate Change Law and Politics" (2016) 19 Asia-Pacific Journal of Environmental Law 79-104.
  • Benoit Mayer, "Climate Change Reparations and the Law and Practice of State Responsibility" (2016) 7(1) Asian Journal of International Law 185-216.
  • Benoit Mayer, "Climate Migration and the Politics of Causal Attribution: A Case Study in Mongolia" (2016) 5 Migration and Development 234.
  • Benoit Mayer, "The Applicability of the Principle of Prevention to Climate Change: A Response to Zahar" (2015) 5(1) Climate Law 1-24.
  • Benoit Mayer, "Conceiving the Rationale for International Climate Law" (2015) 130(3) Climatic Change 371-382.
  • Yvonne Wong & Benoit Mayer, "The World Bank's Inspection Panel: A Tool for Accountability?" (2014) 6 World Bank Legal Review.
  • Benoit Mayer, "Whose 'Loss and Damage'? Promoting the Agency of Beneficiary States" (2014) 4(3-4) Climate Law 267-300.
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  • Benoit Mayer, "The Rights of Mongolia's Internal Migrants under International Law: Climatic, Domestic and Commercial Responsibilities" (2014) 7:1 Journal of East Asia and International Law 197-219.
  • Benoit Mayer, "'Environmental Migration' as Advocacy: Is It Going to Work?" (2014) 29:2 Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees 27-41.
  • Benoit Mayer, "Climate Change and International Law in the Grim Days" (2013) 24:3 European Journal of International Law 947-970.
  • Benoit Mayer, "Constructing Climate Migration as a Global Governance Issue: Essential Flaws in the Contemporary Literature" (2013) 9:1 McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy 87-117.
  • Benoit Mayer, Ingrid Boas, Jackson Ewing, Alice Baillat & Uttam Kumar Das: "Governing Environmentally-Related Migration in Bangladesh: Responsibilities, Security, and the Causality Problem" (2013) 22:2 Asian and Pacific Migration Journal 177-198.
  • Benoit Mayer, "Environmental Migration: Prospects for a Regional Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region" (2013) 16:1 Asia-Pacific Journal of Environmental Law 77-103.
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  • Benoit Mayer, "Sustainable Development Law on Environmental Migration: The Story of an Obelisk, a Bag of Marbles and a Tapestry" (2012) 14:2 Environmental Law Review 111-133.
  • Benoit Mayer, "Pour en finir avec la notion de 'réfugiés environnementaux': Critique d'une approche individualiste et homogène des déplacements causés par des changements environnementaux" (2011) 7:1 McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy 33-58.
Book chapters (selection)
  • Benoit Mayer, "Who are 'climate refugees'? Academic engagement in the post-truth era" in Avidan Kent and Simon Behrman eds. Climate Refugees (forthcoming).
  • Benoit Mayer, "Definitions and Concepts" in Robert McLeman and François Gemenne eds., Routledge Handbook on Environmental Displacement and Migration (forthcoming).
  • Benoit Mayer, "Critical perspectives on the identification of 'environmental refugees' as a category of human rights concern" in Dimitra Manou, Andrew Baldwin, Dug Cubie, Anja Mihr and Teresa Thorp eds., Climate Change, Migration and Human Rights: Law and Policy Perspectives (Routledge, 2017) at 28-41.
  • Frédéric Mégret and Benoit Mayer, "'Climate Migration' and the Security Council" in Shirley Scott and Charlotte Ku, Climate Change and the Security Council (Edward Elgar, forthcoming).
  • Benoit Mayer, "La sécurisation du changement climatique comme stratégie politique," in Nicolas Clinchamps et al. (eds), Sécurité et environnement (Bruylant, 2016), 239-258.
  • Benoit Mayer, "Justifying Climate Cooperation: Competing Narratives in a Divided World," in Usha Tandon (ed.), Climate Change: Law, Policy and Governance (Eastern Book Company, 2015), 1-15.
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  • Christel Cournil & Benoit Mayer, "Oportunidades e Limites de uma Proteção por Categoria em Benefício dos Migrantes Ambientais," in Liliana Lyra Jubilut and Fernando Cardozo Fernandes Rei (eds.), Direitos Humanos e Meio Ambiente: Minorias Ambientais (Catholic University of Santos, 2017) 65-86.
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  • Benoit Mayer, "Les migrations internes en Mongolie: Le climat, oui, mais pas seulement !," in Christel Cournil & Chloé Vlassopoulou (eds.), Migrations Environnementales : Gouvernance Mondiale et Expériences Locales, Contribution à l'Étude des Mobilités Humaines (Quae, 2015).
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  • Benoit Mayer, "The International Legal Protection of Climate (or Environmental) Migrants: Fraternity, Responsibility and Sustainability", in Michel Morin, Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, Fabien Gélinas and Markus Gehring (eds.), Responsibility, Fraternity and Sustainability in Law: In Memory of the Honourable Charles Doherty Gonthier (Markham, ON:LexisNexis Canada, 2012) 723 and (2012) 56 Supreme Court Law Review 723.
Research Interests

  • International & Comparative Law

    • Human Rights / Humanitarian Law
    • International Environmental Law
    • Public International Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Climate Law