The 15th Annual Intellectual Property Conference – Navigating Innovation and IP Amid Global Turbulence

27-29 July 2023

The 15th Annual Intellectual Property Conference and the pre-conference workshop co-organized by CUHK LAW, United States-China Intellectual Property Institute (USCIPI), Asia Innovation and IP Society (AIIPS) and KINECT LAW were successfully held at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre on 27-29 July 2023. Having attracted over 200 attendees, the conference and workshop served as a hub to discuss and reflect intellectual property (IP) issues surrounding artificial intelligence, data governance, emerging business models, life sciences and brand management. Speakers included esteemed scholars and practitioners from Asia, Europe and the United States. CUHK Pro-Vice Chancellors Professor Mai-har Sham and Professor Wai-yee Chan welcomed speakers and audience in the conference dinner and recognised the increasing importance of IP in the knowledge economy.

CUHK LAW Professors Stuart Hargreaves, Jyh-An Lee, Eliza Mik and Bryan Mercurio, Professional Consultant Ernest Kenneth Southworth, and PhD students Ms. Jingwen Liu and Ms. Qian Yin spoke on ChatGPT’s impact on law school assessment, IP issues in the fashion industry, the deployment of generative AI in the legal profession, post-COVID health crisis, the AI Act in the European Union, and test data protection in US-China Phase-One Trade Agreement. Other speakers and moderators from the Faculty include Dean Lutz-Christian Wolff, Professor Steve Gallagher and Professor Dicky Tsang.

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