Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Double Degree Options (DDO)

Designed to provide maximum flexibility the Faculty of Law offers all its LLB Students two double degree options:

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)/Bachelor of Arts (Translation) (BA(TRA)); and
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)/Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology) (BSSc (Sociology)).

As a student, you will not have to register for the double degree option until towards the end of your first year of studies. If you decide not to pursue a second degree you will have the opportunity to gain a minor in the second subject, and if you need time to pursue other career options after the completion of your first degree you will be allowed to defer completion of the second degree for up to three years.

The following is a flow chart showing the flexibility you can enjoy in choosing a personal study route in the LLB programme: