Dean’s Message

Established in 2004 the Faculty of Law of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK LAW) is the youngest of the three providers of legal education in Hong Kong. As one of the founding members I am proud that CUHK LAW has moved from strength to strength since its establishment. The outstanding quality of our taught programmes is acknowledged worldwide and evidenced by collaborations with many leading law schools in the world. The cutting-edge research conducted by our professors from 20 different jurisdictions and by our research students with equally diverse backgrounds generates significant impact.  CUHK LAW offers a truly agile and global learning and research environment.

Legal markets are currently encountering rapid changes which demand swift and appropriate responses from lawmakers, the legal profession and last but not least also the providers of legal education. The globalization of the world’s economies, the ongoing digitization of legal services and the special situation of Hong Kong as a common law jurisdiction which is part of China under the “one country, two systems” concept are three very prominent examples of issues which require attention at different levels. As a faculty, which attracts the most brilliant young minds as students, which is home to world-class researchers, and which is working very closely with the legal professions, we at CUHK LAW do not just want to respond to the existing challenges. We rather see them  as an inspiration for passionate and pro-active engagement to move towards our common goal, i.e. to excel in teaching and research for the benefit of our students and the society as a whole.

We are proud to be a member of the CUHK family and we are proud to be part of Hong Kong, the most fascinating city in the world. In times when the rule of law is challenged from various angles almost everywhere, we will continue to apply our knowledge and skills to protect this important cornerstone of society. Our unique position in the Greater China region and in Asia, the very international features of CUHK LAW, our broad and robust local and global networks and our determination to serve the society will allow us to continue to educate future legal leaders and to conduct pioneering research for Hong Kong, for China and for the world.

We are CUHK LAW! Please join our exciting journey into the legal future.

Dean of the Faculty of Law & Wei Lun Professor of Law
The Chinese University of Hong Kong