Prof. Normann WITZLEB’s work is cited extensively in Australian Privacy Act Review

Prof. Normann WITZLEB’s work is extensively cited in the Report on the Privacy Act Review released by the Australian Attorney-General’s Department.  This milestone Report concludes a two-year comprehensive review into Australia’s privacy laws and proposes a major overhaul of Australia’s data protection regime.

The Privacy Act Review Report refers repeatedly to two co-authored book chapters and a co-edited book by Prof. Witzleb on privacy and micro-targeting in the political process. The Report’s proposals on strengthening the privacy protections of children and people experiencing vulnerability consider in detail a research report commissioned by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner on Privacy risks and harms for children and other vulnerable groups in the online environment, of which Prof. Witzleb was the lead-author. In addition, the Report makes around 120 references to two submissions made by Monash University’s Castan Centre for Human Rights and its Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies, to which Prof. Witzleb contributed.

The Privacy Act Review Report can be accessed here.

Posted on 17 February, 2023