Mooting at CUHK LAW - Meet The Team!

On 2 June 2023, CUHK LAW held a presentation on “Mooting at CUHK LAW – Meet The Team!”

This presentation gave prospective undergraduate students an insight into mooting at CUHK LAW and mooting’s role in training students for the legal profession. The presentation featured a discussion of mooting as an educational tool and mooting at CUHK LAW by Professor Peter Rhodes.  Hazel Tang, Bonnie Ng and Katie Cheng, all former  CUHK Vis Moot Team members who are now Vis moot student coaches, talked about their mooting experiences and how it benefitted  their legal education. The interactive section of the presentation consisted of two students giving a mooting demonstration by arguing a complex legal issue before a tribunal. The participants were captivated by the Faculty’s remarkable mooting programme as evidenced by the range of questions they asked at the end of the presentation.