• Applicants must hold a Common Law Qualification.
  • Applicants must demonstrate competence in 9 compulsory subjects (Contract, Tort, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Land Law, Equity, Evidence, Business Associations and Commercial Law). Additionally, overseas applicants will be required to demonstrate competence in 3 top-up subjects (Hong Kong Constitutional Law, Hong Kong Land Law and Hong Kong Legal System). This is only a summary and applicants should read in full the Statement of the Standing Committee on Legal Education and Training, available at, before they proceed with the application. If applicants have any questions about this information, they should contact the Hong Kong Conversion Examination Board, c/o PCLL Conversion Examination and Administration Limited (“the PCEA”).
  • Applicants applying for admission with overseas law qualifications will be required to provide exemption letter(s) for the 9 core subjects issued by the PCEA (or evidence of having passed the appropriate conversion exam(s) where an exemption has not been granted) in addition to providing proof of having passed the 3 top-up subjects in support of their application.
  • Applicants must hold an academic module International English Language Test Certificate (IELTS) from a test taken at the IELTS test centre with an overall band score of 7 or above taken not earlier than 30 April 2021.
  • All the stipulated admission criteria will be required to be met in full before commencement of studies in September 2024. No exemption or waiver in whole or part for any criterion will be granted.


  1. Please read carefully the “Important notes to applicants” first.
  2. Complete all applicable parts of the on-line Application Form. You must submit your application online at the University’s Graduate School webpage.
  3. Copies of official transcripts sent by fax or email will be acceptable in determining your eligibility for admission at the first instance. However, should an offer subsequently be made to you, you will be required to submit an official transcript of the final award of your law qualification which must be sent directly to the Faculty by the awarding institution and your official IELTS score report which again must be sent directly to the Faculty by the testing organization. Your official IELTS score report must reach the Faculty by the first Friday of August, i.e. 2 August 2024.