Dr. Dini SEJKO

Research Associate

Dini Sejko is a Research Associate at the Centre for Comparative and Transnational Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law and a research affiliate at The Fletcher Network for Sovereign Wealth and Global Capital, Tufts University. Dr Sejko’s research focuses on international economic law and the governance of state-owned enterprises and sovereign wealth funds (SWFs). For his research on the impact of UN sanctions on the governance of the Libyan SWF, Dr Sejko received the Society of International Economic Law PEPA Best Paper Award 2018. Dr Sejko is authoring the forthcoming book “The Transnational Law of Sovereign Wealth Funds: Governing State Capitalism at the time of Protectionism” in contract with Edward Elgar Publishing.

Dini Sejko has obtained a Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law from Bocconi University, a Master of Laws in International Economic Law and a PhD in Laws from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.