Prof. Lutz-Christian WOLFF 鄔楓教授
Wei Lun Professor of Law 偉倫法律學講座教授
Dean of the Graduate School
Tel (852) 3943 4424
Fax (852) 2994 2505

Room 539,
Faculty of Law,
5/F, Lee Shau Kee Building,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sha Tin, NT, Hong Kong SAR

Professor Wolff specializes in International and Chinese Business Law, Comparative Law, and Private International Law. He has studied, worked and conducted research in a number of jurisdictions, including mainland China, Taiwan, and the USA. He is admitted to practice in England & Wales and in Germany. He is frequently invited to work with multi-national companies on investment projects in the Greater China region. Professor Wolff was a founding member of the Faculty of Law (then: School of Law). He has served amongst others as Associate Dean (Faculty Development) (9/2008 to 7/2010), as Director of the Master of Laws Programmes in International Economic Law, Common Law and Chinese Business Law (9/2008 to 7/2011) and as Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) & Head Graduate Division of Law (8/2010 to 8/2014). Professor Wolff has been appointed as Dean of the CUHK Graduate School as of 1 September 2014.

Education and Professional Qualifications

  • Staatsexamen (University of Passau, Germany), 1987
  • Dr iur (University of Passau. Germany), 1990
  • 2. Staatsexamen (OLG Dusseldorf, Germany), 1991
  • Dr iur habil (University of Passau, Germany), 1997
  • QLTT (London), 2004
  • Admitted to the Duesseldorf Bar, 1991
  • Admitted to the Frankfurt Bar, 1999
  • Admitted to the Roll of Solicitors (England & Wales) 2004


    • Award of the title ‘Wei Lun Professor of Law’, 2014
    • CUHK University Education Award, 2013
    • CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award, 2011
    • CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award, 2007
    • CUHK Research Excellence Award, 2008-09


    • Professor (apl.) Faculty of Law, University of Passau, Germany, 2004-2009

Research Interests

  • International and Chinese Business Law
  • Comparative Law
  • Private International Law

Representative Publications

    Books (single-authored)

    • The Law of Cross-Border Business Transactions – Principles, Concepts, Skills, Alphen aan den Rijn, 2013
    • Mergers & Acquisitions in China: Law and Practice – 1st to 5th ed., Hong Kong 2006 to 2015
    • The International Business Law of the PRC (in German), 1st and 2nd ed., Frankfurt a.M., 1999 and 2005
    • Property Transfer Risk and Restitutional Interests - Structure and Revocation of Property Transfers explained on the basis of the examples of 'Synallagma' and 'Leistungskondiktion' (in German), Berlin (Germany) 1998
    • The Labour Contract in the PRC under the Labour Contract System of 1986 (in German), Hamburg (Germany) 1990

    Books (co-authored)

    • Flipped Classrooms for Legal Education, Singapore 2016 (with Jenny Chan)

    Books (edited)

    • Itineraria iuris – From Rome to China: Festschrift for Ulrich Manthe (in German) (with Peter Gröschler, Jan Dirk Harke and Dietmar Scharnbacher), Berlin (Germany) 2017
    • Legal Dimensions of China's Belt and Road Initiative (with Xi Chao), Hong Kong 2016
    • China Outbound Investments, Hong Kong 2011 (Chinese version: Beijing, 2012)
    • China Master Business Law Guide – Legislation (with Zhang Xianchu), Hong Kong 2009

    Articles (single-authored)

    • Comparing Chinese law … but, with which legal systems?, The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law Vol. 6/2 (2018), p. 151
    • From a 'Small Phrase with Big Ambitions' to a Powerful Driver of Contract Law Unification? - China's Belt and Road Initiative and the CISG, 34 Journal of Contract Law (2017), p. 50
    • What is a Conflict of Laws? The Case of Chinese Customary Law in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Law Journal Vol. 46 (No. 3) (2016), p. 849
    • Offshore Holdings for Global Investments of Multinational Enterprises: Just Evil?, (2015) 6 The Journal of Business Law, p. 445
    • Flexible Choice-of-Law Rules: Panacea or Oxymoron?, Journal of Private International Law Vol. 10 No. 3 (2014), p. 431
    • Chinese Outbound Investments in the Food Sector: Hungry for Much More!, Food and Drug Law Journal Vol. 69 No. 3 (2014), p. 399
    • Chinese Investments Overseas – Onshore Rules and Offshore Risks, The International Lawyer Vol. 45 (No. 4) (Winter 2011), p. 1029
    • Law and Flexibility – Rule of Law Limits of a Rhetorical Silver Bullet, The Journal Jurisprudence Vol. 11 (October 2011), p. 549
    • Pathological Investment Projects in China, The International Lawyer (Fall 2010) Vol. 44 (No. 3), p. 1001
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    • Statutory Retention of Title Structures? Deakin Law Review Vol. 14 No. 1 (2009), p. 1
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    • China Business and Contract Penalties, Journal of Contract Law Vol. 23 10/2007, p. 180
    • Assignment Agreements under English Law: Lost between Contract and Property Law?, (2005) 7 The Journal of Business Law, p. 473
    • Self-Governance German Style: Comply or explain … and if you explain we will make you comply, Corporate Governance Law Review, Vol. 1 3/2005, p. 371
    • Making Perfect Corporate Governance Rules: Mission Impossible?, (2004) 7 (3) Corporate Governance International, Sept, p. 6
    • Law as A Marketing Gimmick - The Case of the German Corporate Governance Code, (2004) 3 Wash U Global Stud L Rev, p. 115
    • Structured Problem Solving - German Methodology from a Comparative Perspective, (2004) 14 Legal Education Review , p. 19
    • International Product Liability Law of the People’s Republic of CHINA (in German), Versicherungsrecht 4/2004, p. 165
    • International M&A and the Problem of the Effective Date under Chinese Law, Common Law World Review Vol. 33/3 (2004), p. 283
    • Insolvency, Dissolution and Liquidation, Chapter 8 of: CCH Asia Pte. Limited (publisher), CHINA Company Law Guide (looseleaf, Singapore, since 2004)
    • Materialization of immaterial damages (in German), Transportrecht 5/2003, p. 190
    • The Disappearance of the Ultra Vires Doctrine in Greater China, 23 Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business (Spring 2003), p. 633