Prof. Bryan H. DRUZIN
Assistant Professor
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Room 526,
Faculty of Law,
5/F, Lee Shau Kee Building,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sha Tin, NT, Hong Kong SAR

Professor Bryan Druzin is a specialist in legal theory. His scholarship applies game theory and behavioral economics to law and political theory. Dr. Druzin has published extensively with leading U.S. law schools (Duke, Cornell, Harvard, Northwestern, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, etc.), top international peer-reviewed journals, and has contributed to several edited volumes published by Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press. Dr. Druzin holds a B.A., LL.B., and LL.M. from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in law from King's College London. He teaches jurisprudence and contract law, and has previously taught at Brunel University and King's College London. Dr. Druzin is Director of the Faculty's LLM Programmes. In 2015, Dr. Druzin received the university's Research Excellence Award, providing substantial financial support for his research.

Dr. Druzin's scholarship relates to a single, defining idea: understanding and managing the bottom-up emergence of legal order. This topic cuts across a broad range of legal domains. His work thus addresses some of the most pressing issues of modern legal theory, such as the self-ordering potential of private law, treaty stability in public international law, the emergence of global governance, the growing power of soft law, spontaneous changes in mass social norms, and the self-ordering nature of customary law, rights, and markets. Dr. Druzin's work is highly interdisciplinary. It draws from economics, normative ethics, and the study of complex systems.

Dr. Druzin's current research projects explore the implications of bottom-up ordering for the formation and stability of governance structures under anarchy. The central question this research addresses is whether it is possible to accelerate the emergence of global governance by employing our knowledge of game theory and the mechanics of self-organization. Dr. Druzin is a frequent speaker at legal forums around the world, and is regularly interviewed by international media on issues related to his scholarship. 


  • PhD (King’s College London)
  • LL.M. (University of British Columbia)
  • LL.B. (University of British Columbia)
  • B.A. (University of British Columbia)


  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong Research Excellence Award 2015
  • University of British Columbia Graduate Scholarship Award 2007
  • Hugh M Brock Scholarship Award 2002
  • Hugh M Brock Scholarship Award 1995

Representative Publications

Journal Articles

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Book Reviews

Works in Progress
  • Leviathan wakes: The Emergence of Property Rights and the Rule of Law
  • Spontaneous Legal Emergence: How to build more stable Treaty Regimes

Conference Papers and Roundtables

Research Interests

  • Jurisprudence
  • Law and Economics (game theory)
  • Legal, Social and Political Theory
  • Socio-legal studies

Occasional Reviewer

  • Law & Social Inquiry
  • International Journal for the Semiotics of Law
  • Journal of International Dispute Settlement
  • Social Theory and Practice