The Faculty of Law is committed to excellence in research and teaching. In its short history the Faculty of Law has achieved an excellent reputation for the quality of its teaching and the dedication of its staff to sharing their love of learning the law. University education emphasises independent learning and the study of law is a rigorous discipline. Our teachers are dedicated to helping our students make the most of their own learning skills to optimise and enjoy their studies.

In September 2014 The Faculty of Law introduced initiatives to help our teachers enhance their teaching skills and our students enhance their learning skills. To maintain standards of excellence the Faculty created a new position of Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) to oversee teaching and learning activities of the Faculty. The Faculty also introduced a Committee on Teaching and Learning. One of the main purposes of the Committee is to help academic colleagues maintain and improve the quality of their teaching by sharing examples of best teaching practice from within the Faculty and from other law faculties and disciplines.

In its first year the Committee has organized a number of Teaching and Learning Seminars for colleagues to share best practice and new ideas in teaching. The Committee has also introduced Faculty Teaching Awards which will be awarded towards the end of the academic year and which are intended to recognise and encourage excellence in teaching. The Faculty will also provide grants for research into teaching and learning and encourage Faculty members to present papers at international legal education conferences and submit journal articles. The Committee has also supported colleagues in their development of e-Learning techniques to aid students in their learning. Some examples of e-learning techniques currently being used by Faculty members and under development include podcasts, eBooks, micro-modules, voting systems, and MOOCs. The PCLL programme has recently introduced a Standardised Client Initiative which will provide students with trained “clients” to interview to develop their skills. To further aid students in their independent learning the Faculty is inviting world leaders in learning techniques to share ideas on how our students may make the most effective use of their learning skills and develop new skills.