Faculty Teaching Awards

To recognise and reward great teaching within the Faculty, the Faculty will offer three teaching awards annually with effect from 2014-15. The awards are intended to demonstrate the Faculty's commitment to teaching excellence. The teaching awards will be used to recognise excellent teaching practices and encourage their dissemination within the Faculty, thus maintaining and improving upon the high standards of teaching which the Faculty has already established within the University. The awards will recognise outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of students.

Year 2018-19
Teaching Excellence Awards
  • Professor Rehan ABEYRATNE
  • Professor Anatole BOUTE
  • Professor Michelle MIAO

Year 2017-18
Teaching Excellence Awards
  • Mr. Elliot FUNG
  • Ms. Queenie LAI
  • Professor Jyh-An LEE

Year 2016-17
Teaching Excellence Awards
  • Professor Surabhi CHOPRA
  • Professor Stuart HARGREAVES
  • Professor Sandra MARCO COLINO

Year 2015-16
Teaching Excellence Awards
  • Professor David C. DONALD
  • Mr. Alan GIBB
  • Professor Dicky TSANG

Year 2014-15
Excellent Teacher Award
  • Ms. Queenie LAI
Innovation in Teaching Award
  • Professor Mimi ZOU
Research in Teaching and Learning Award
  • Professor Luke MARSH and Professor Michael RAMSDEN