Study Abroad Programmes
The Summer Study Abroad Programme:
Your opportunity to travel and learn during the summer

The Summer Study Abroad Programme (SSAP) was set up in 2006-07 with the generous financial support of the Sir TL Yang Society. The Sir TL Yang Society provides a bursary of HK$10,000 to each LLB student to cover part of the cost for participating in SSAP. The Programme is intended to encourage our students to learn not only about the law and legal systems of Hong Kong, but also to experience a broad and diverse legal education and gain exposure to different cultures and legal systems. Our students travel in groups and attend lectures, seminars and tutorials provided by the host institution and visit courts, legislative bodies, law firms and other legal institutions. The host institutions also organize cultural events and trips to give students a better understanding of the local culture, and students also have significant free time in which they are free to explore the host city on their own.  Each SSAP typically lasts for three weeks and runs sometime between June and August, depending on the location.

In past years we have offered SSAP trips to Tsinghua University in Beijing, the University of Sydney in Australia, and Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. The Faculty of Law is exploring possible opportunities for LLB students to visit overseas higher education institutions under this Programme and is in discussion with institutions from the United Kingdom, Mainland China, North America, Australia and Italy.