Adjunct Associate Professor

Anne Scully-Johnson (Anne Scully-Hill) taught law in Hong Kong for thirteen years, the last ten of which were spent at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before moving to Hong Kong, Anne was a law lecturer in London. She is also an accredited mediator in both London and Hong Kong. Anne’s teaching and research interests include family law and child law; judicial review; and the method and philosophy of the common law tradition. Anne is currently an Ekstern Lektor at the Faculty of Law, Copenhagen University.



  • LL.B. (Hons) (Lond.)
  • LL.M. Legal Theory & Legal History (Lond.)
  • CEDR Accredited Mediator
  • HKIAC Accredited Mediator
  • HKMAAL Accredited Family Mediator


  • Member, Family Law Committee, The Law Society of Hong Kong
  • Member, Family Law Association of Hong Kong
  • Legal Adviser to the Ombudsman of Hong Kong
  • Member, Editorial Committee of the Hong Kong Law Society’s journal, The Hong Kong Lawyer
  • External Examiner, PCLL Conversion Examination Authority
  • Co-Director, Mediation Institute, Faculty of Law, CUHK
  • Member, Secretary for Justice’s Working Group on Mediation
  • Member, Secretary for Justice’s Sub-Group on the Regulatory Framework for Mediation
  • Member, Everywoman Everywhere Regional Working Group for the Everywoman Everywhere Initiative


  • Child Law
  • Family Law
  • Domestic Violence
  • Judicial Review
  • Feminist Legal Theory


  • Digital multimedia resource for legal English: An interdisciplinary project: Co-Investigator; UGC Funded; Completion Date: December 2016.
  • CEDAW: Eliminating Violence Against Women in Hong Kong?: Co-Author with Prof. Amy Barrow, Faculty of Law, CUHK: Research commissioned by the Carr Center at the Kennedy School,  Harvard University, 2014.
  • A Study of the Impact of Judicial Review Decisions relating to the Basic Law on the Content of Legislation and the Legislative Process between 1997 and the present (RGC General Research Fund (formerly Competitive Earmarked Research Grant, Research Grants Council, 2008-2009 Round, Completion Date: August 2011 with Swati Jhaveri).
  • “Deep Learning Beyond the Legal Syllabus”, 2005-2006.
  • “The Family Court & Injunctive Relief Under the Domestic Violence Ordinance”, 2004-2006.



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Book Chapters

  • “Interpersonal Violence” in  the Oxford Textbook of Public Mental Health (2018) eds. Dinesh Bhugra, Kamaldeep Bhui, Samuel Yeung Shan Wong, and Stephen E. Gilman; co-author.
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