Research Students
Mr. Dini SEJKO
Working toward a PhD in Laws, expected 2018

Dini SEJKO is a Ph.D. candidate at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law. He has a strong multicultural background having studied or worked in Albania, Italy, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and China. Dini is an active member of the Hong Kong legal research community. He has participated in various domestic and international conferences and seminars. Together with Professor Gregory GORDON and fellow student Damian BETHKE, he helped establish, in 2015, the Hong Kong Law Research Postgraduate Symposium which provides an annual forum for Hong Kong young law researchers to present their work and make and renew acquaintances as well as contribute toward a more collegial and intellectually vibrant law research environment in Hong Kong.

Thesis Topic

The Transnational Economic Law of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) – Investigating the Changing Regulatory Paradigms of Global Finance, co-supervised by Professors Julien CHAISSE and Bryan MERCURIO.

Research Interests and Aims

Dini is interested in:

  • Public International Law
  • International Law of Foreign Investment
  • State Capitalism
  • Law of the World Trade Organisation
  • International Arbitration
  • Transnational Dispute Management
  • Energy Law

With his research, Dini examines the rise of SWFs' foreign investments and likely multiplication of controls in host countries. The research provides a comprehensive review of the treaties and laws applicable to SWFs' foreign investments. By doing so it revisits and reconceptualises parts of the existing International Economic Law regime and delivers an exhaustive analysis of the principles that bind the host states and simultaneously provide rights to these specific types of foreign investors. From a theoretical perspective, the research clarifies the substance of an emerging investment regime that intertwines hard and soft law in the world of International Economic Law demonstrating the flexibility, the reactivity and significance of international commitments. From a practical perspective, on one hand the research draws attention to the emergence of new actors in the context of International Dispute Settlement announcing the developments of some massive foreign investment-related international disputes that states should anticipate and on the other hand it provides guidance to SWFs and to the International Forum of SWFs on how to improve their regulatory governance.

  • Investor-State Arbitration Distorted – When the Claimant Is a State (with Prof. Julien Chaisse), in Leïla Choukroune (Ed), Judging the State in International Trade and Investment Law: Modern Sovereignty, the Law and the Economics (London: Springer, Series International Law and the Global South: Perspectives from the Rest of the World) (forthcoming).
  • Case report, Appellate Body Report, European Communities - Definitive Anti-Dumping Measures on Certain Iron or Steel Fasteners from China - Recourse to article 21.5 of the by China, WT/DS397/RW, adopted 12 February 2016, Oxford Reports on International Law, Oxford University Press (forthcoming).
  • Case report, Panel Report, European Communities - Definitive Anti-Dumping Measures on Certain Iron or Steel Fasteners from China - Recourse to article 21.5 of the by China, WT/DS397/RW, adopted 12 February 2016, Oxford Reports on International Law, Oxford University Press (forthcoming).
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership: A World Trade Revolution?, Australian APEC Study Centre, August 1, 2016 (with Prof. Julien Chaisse and Ms. Qian Xu)
  • Case report, United States — Section 211 Appropriations Act of 1998, European Communities (now European Union) v United States, Panel report, WT/DS176/R, Doc No 01-3806, DSR 2002:II, 683, ITL 077 (WTO 2001), 6th August 2001, World Trade Organisation [WTO], Oxford Reports on International Law, Oxford University Press.
  • Le imprese statali e la lunga marcia delle riforme, Orizzonte Cina, Vol. 6 n. 2, Marzo – Aprile 2015.
  • Chinese Sovereign Foreign Direct Investments: Legal Regime and Policy Development – Guest Lecture at the University of Turin, Department of Law, Ph.D. Programme, 10 December 2015.
  • State Controlled Entities Foreign Direct Investment and Regulatory Issues, Guest  Lecture at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law, LLM in International Economic Law, 30 October 2015.
Conference Papers
  • Chinese State Controlled Entities and the One Belt One Road Initiative: How Many Ways to Protect Sovereign Investments? An Empirical Analysis of the International Investment Regime, European China Law Studies Association, Roma Tre University, 21 – 23 September 2016.
  • The Santiago Principles and IFSWF – The Emergence of Transnational Economic Governance for State-Owned Commercial Actors, 6th ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance Conference, Tilburg University, 6 – 8 July 2016.
  • The Santiago Principles and the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds – Reshaping International Economic Governance through Atypical Rulemaking -International Conference, The Political Economy of Financial Regulation Conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2 – 4 June 2016.
  • State Controlled Entities and ISDS: Lessons from an Embryonic Case Law Inaugural Hong Kong Law Research Postgraduate Symposium, 11 April 2015.
  • The transnational economic law of sovereign wealth funds: Investigating the changing regulatory paradigms of global finance (preliminary findings), WUN – Leeds Social Sciences Institute, University of Leeds, 28 July 2015.
  • Santiago Principles: From Soft Law to Hard Law?, Symposia for Research Postgraduate Students 2015-16, Faculty of Law, CUHK, 11 November 2015.
  • How to brief an investment case, Guest Seminar at International Investment Law Principles and Practice course (LAWS 6329), January 2015.
  • 2016 AWRN Conference on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 16 – 17 May 2016.
  • CUHK and Kyoto Law Faculties Inaugural Joint Research Postgraduate Workshop, at the CUHK, 18 – 19 March 2016.
  • Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) – China Foreign Direct Investment Symposium, CUHK, 27 April 2015.
Education and Awards
  • Visiting Researcher at the Melbourne School of Law, Global Economic Law Network (forthcoming) – Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence Award
  • WUN Visiting Researcher at the Leeds University Business School – Ph.D. Student Exchange Programme Award.
  • Pearl River Delta Academy of International Trade and Investment Law, Institute of European Studies in Macau and Peking University School of Transnational Law in Shenzhen – PRAIA Scholarship
  • LLM in International Economic Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2014.
  • Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, 2013 – ISU Scholarship.
  • Certificate "To China Summer School" (Program on Chinese international relations offered jointly by the University of Torino, Turin World Affairs Institute and the Australian National University), Turin, Italy, 2013.
  • Certificate "Settling Investment Disputes" World Trade Institute/ University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland, 2012.
  • Project coordinator for the International Economic Law and Governance – Essays in Honour of Mitsuo Matsushita, edited by Julien Chaisse and Tsai-yu Lin, May 2015 – August 2016.
  • Research assistant to Prof. Anatole Boute – Assisting on projects related to the participation of state controlled entities in FDI flows, investments in the energy sector in Central Asia and legal and geopolitical implications, Part-time position: May – July 2016.
  • Teaching assistant to Prof. Julien Chaisse Course Transnational Legal Problems, (LAWS 6303AB), LLM in International Economic Law, September – December 2015.
  • Research assistant to Prof. Xi Chao, Faculty of Law, CUHK – Assisting on projects related to China's roles in International Financial Regulation in the post Global Financial Crises era, Full-time position: June – July 2014.