Law Library

The Faculty of Law is adding to one of the fastest growing law collections in Asia by building upon an already extensive library of books and periodicals. The Lee Quo Wei Law Library provides excellent access to a large array of online sources and e-journals.

Housed in the Main University Library on the 3rd and 4th floors, the Lee Quo Wei Law Library holds approximately 126,730 volumes of books and bound periodicals on law and law-related subjects, including 82 current print journal titles and over 400 multimedia items.

This collection is complemented by access to a growing array of online sources, 3,718 e-journal titles, and 109 databases, as well as the interdisciplinary collections housed in the Main University Library.

Students at the Graduate Law Centre are served by the Legal Resources Centre which contains multiple copies of essential texts, a small reference collection and various sets of case law and legislation. Students at the Graduate Law Centre can also request delivery of books from the Lee Quo Wei Law Library free of charge.