Journal Articles

  • Mimi Zou, 'Women Hold Up Half the Sky: Engendering the Right to Development' (2015) 2 (7) China Human Rights Review 46-52.
  • Mimi Zou, 'Immigration Law as Labour Market Regulation: Temporary Migration Status and Migrant Work Relations' (2015) 1 (1) Mondi Migranti 43-64.
  • Jean Woo, Yue Lai Helen Chan, Alice Ml Chong, Mimi Zou, Roger Yat Nork Chung and Chi Yui Timothy Kwok, 'Medical Ethical Principles May Drive Improvement of Quality of Dying in Hong Kong' (2015) 5 (5): 227 Journal of Palliative Care & Medicine 6 pgs.
  • Mimi Zou, 'Legal Issues Regarding Confidentiality and Consent in HIV Testing in Hong Kong' (2015) 7 (4) Asian Bioethics Review 402-409.
  • Mimi Zou, Xuanming Pan and Sirui Han, 'Regulating Collective Labour Disputes in China: A Tale of Two Actors' (2016) 10 (2) Journal of Comparative Law 276-290.

Conference and Seminar Papers

  • Mimi Zou, 'The Rights of Older Persons as Relational Rights: the case of Family Care in China' (Paper presented at The Past, Present and Future of the Rule of Law: Magna Carta, the 800th Anniversary, 5 September 2015).
  • Mimi Zou, 'Women Hold Up Half the Sky: Creating the Right to Development' (Paper presented at the Beijing Forum on Human Rights, China Society for Human Rights Studies and China Foundation for Human Rights Development, 5 September 2015).
  • Mimi Zou and Stephen Pan, "Resolving Labour Disputes in a 'Socialist Market Economy': The Roles of Chinese Trade Unions and Civil Society Organisations" (Paper presented at International Workshop on 'What is Socialist about Socialist Law. Exploring Epistemic and Institutional Change in Socialist Asia', 28 September 2015).
  • Mimi Zou, 'The Role of Labour Law in China's Path to Sustainable Economic and Social Development' (Paper presented at Sustainable Development and International Law: Current Issues and Future Challenges, 19 October 2015).
  • Mimi Zou, 'What do We Owe to Older Workers? Mandatory Retirement and Age Discrimination Law' (Paper presented at What We Owe to Older People: Who Should Provide Care and How Much Care Should They Provide, Hong Kong, 13 November 2015).
  • Michael Dunn and Mimi Zou, 'Conceptualising Capabilities in Health Policy Reform for Older Adults in the Asia-Pacific Region' (Paper presented at 2nd Biennial Asia-Pacific Conference "Making Difficult Clinical and Policy Decisions: The Example of Ageing and End of Life Care in Asia-Pacific, Society for Medical Decision Making, 8 January 2016).
  • Mimi Zou, 'The Bonfire of Illegality? Combating Illegal Work under China's New Immigration Regime' (Paper presented at Oxford Faculty of Law Refugee and Migration Law Discussion Group and Labour Law Discussion Group Seminar Series , Oxford, United Kingdom, 11 February2016).
  • Mimi Zou, 'Regulating the Fissured Workplace: the Challenges for Labour Law in China, (Paper presented at the Reconsidering the notion of 'employer' in the era of Fissured Workplace: Should labor law responsibilities exceed the boundary of the legal entity?, Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training, Tokyo, Japan, 29 February 2016).
  • Mimi Zou, 'Falling through the Legal Cracks: the Fragmentation of China's Occupational Safety and Health Regime, (Paper presented at the Marco Biagi International Conference on Labour Law and Labour Relations, University of Modena, Modena, Italy, 16 March 2016).
  • Mimi Zou, 'China's New Immigration Regime: Regulating Foreign Labour in an Emerging Destination Country' (Paper presented at Regulating Markets and Labour International Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, 19 May 2016).
  • Mimi Zou, 'Micro-modules Under the Microscope: In and Beyond Flipped Classrooms, (Paper presented at Conference on Teaching and Learning in Law: Directions in Legal Education Hong Kong, 3 June 2016).
  • Mimi Zou, "'Regulating 'Illegal' Work in China: the Implications of a New Immigration Regime". (Paper presented at Fifth International Conference on Precarious Work and Vulnerable Workers, London, United Kingdom, 13 June 2016).
  • Mimi Zou, 'Regulating Illegal Work under China's New Immigration Regime' (Paper presented at the Addressing Multiple Forms of Migrant Precarity: Beyond "Management" of Migration to an Integrated Rights-Based Approach, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, Geneva, Switzerland, 30 June 2016).

Other Publications

  • Mimi Zou, 'Building Harmonious Labour Relations in Times of Deepening Reform: Strengthening labour market institutions in China' (2015) International Labour Organization China and Mongolia Office.
  • Mimi Zou, 'Mission Report: Roadmap for Mongolia's Labour Law Reform' (2015) The ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia.
  • Mimi Zou and Jennifer Fifi Lee-Shoy, 'With a Lack of Carers in Hong Kong, Who will Look Sfter Us as We Grow Older?' South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), 16 February, 2016.
  • Mimi Zou, 'China Must Set Ethical Standards for Its Belt and Road Investments' South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), 16 May, 2016.