The Law Faculty of The Chinese University of Hong Kong formed this Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED) in 2010 to support and facilitate research in all areas of law affecting commerce and business dealings, including the fields of banking law, capital markets, commercial law, contract law, corporate law, investment law, intellectual property, securities regulation, international trade law, tax law, and any other economically focused area of law in which a member of the CUHK Law Faculty addresses his or her research.

CFRED is currently led by a board of seven directors, with Professor Robin Hui Huang serving as the Executive Director. Each of them specializes in different area of laws to effectively direct CFRED's development and operation.

CFRED aims at knowledge transfer and organizes conferences, workshops and seminars. Through these events, CFRED invites scholars, regulators and practitioners from around the world to share their findings, as well as professional knowledge with the public.

CFRED actively seeks affiliations and collaborations with leading research centres and institutes located worldwide that pursue aims similar or complementary to its own, whether those centres or institutes be in universities, the public sector or privately managed. In particular, CFRED aims to have solid links in each of four economic areas: China, Asia generally, Europe and North America.