Posted on 17 December 2015
Dr Danny Friedmann answers several media on the Copyright Amendment Bill

The Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014 has been a government initiative that aimed at updating the copyright ordinance to the digital era. It has attracted considerable interest. The bill was framed as the Article 23 of the Internet.

Dr Danny Friedmann, an expert in Intellectual Property Rights, recently offered his analysis to a number of media. 

Dr Danny Friedmann interviewed by Channel News Asia (16 December 2015)

Dr Danny Friedmann interviewed by ATV Newsline  (13 December 2015)

Dr Danny Friedmann interviewed by RTHK Radio 3 Backchat  (7 December 2015) 

Dr Danny Friedmann's current research covers the cutting edge of Intellectual Property Law and Policy, intermediary liability and accountability. He has recently published the book Trademarks and Social Media, Towards Algorithmic Justice.