Broadcaster or Barrister?
The Congo case kick-started Andrew Lau’s legal career

Before Andrew Lau’s journey into law, he was a well-known TV journalist in Hong Kong. It was an obvious career choice, as he holds both a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Economics and a Master’s Degree in Journalism. But everything changed with the Congo case in 2011. The landmark case sparked Andrew’s interest in the law and inspired him to join the legal profession. After completing his JD degree in 2016 and his PCLL in 2017, Andrew is on his way to becoming a barrister specialising in public law.

Andrew Lau

  • BSc (Communication & Economics), Northwestern University (2006-09)
  • Master of Journalism, HKU (2009-10)
  • Juris Doctor, CUHK (2012-16)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, CUHK (2016-17)

Studying law part-time

In June 2011, when Andrew was still a junior reporter, he was sent to cover the decision of the famous Congo case. Having no prior knowledge of the law, Andrew had a difficult time understanding the judgment and ended up embarrassing himself on live television. But this hiccup marked a turning point of his life. Upon studying the judgment carefully, he became fascinated with how the judges applied the law to arrive at an appropriate conclusion. To satisfy his intellectual curiosity, Andrew enrolled in the part-time JD programme, which subsequently led to his career change. Studying the law part-time while working as a full-time journalist was a bittersweet experience for Andrew. On one hand, he kept his whole salary. On the other hand, juggling between his job and school was difficult, given how demanding law school can be. Nevertheless, with dedication and perseverance, he completed his JD degree in 2016 and eventually his PCLL in 2017.

Moving forward

While working as a journalist, Andrew noticed that people are increasingly resorting to the courts for social justice and social change. Thus, he aspires to become a barrister specialising in public law. Andrew believes that his background in journalism combined with his legal education will put him in a good position to analyse the law and its relationship with society. When asked about the keys to success, Andrew said it all comes down to commitment, good time-management and effort. Through hard work, anything is possible.